Arvind Kejriwal inaugurates Ashram Flyover, only light vehicles allowed

After being closed for more than two months, the Ashram Flyover in Delhi has reopened today. Following the inauguration by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the flyover has been reopened for light vehicles. The 1,425-meter-long and six-lane flyover will provide relief from traffic congestion and three red lights to commuters. However, heavy vehicles are still not allowed on both carriageways of the flyover. The construction work on this flyover began in June 2020.

The Ashram Flyover is one of the busiest sections of the city as it connects Mathura Road and DND Flyway. The opening of the six-lane flyover will provide considerable relief to commuters, reducing the travel time between Noida and Delhi. Passengers will be able to bypass three traffic lights between Ashram Chowk and DND, making it easier for vehicles to move.

Currently, those travelling between Noida and Ghaziabad to South Delhi face traffic congestion while using the DND loop to reach Ashram Chowk. With the reopening of the flyover, this problem is expected to be resolved.

The officials had planned to inaugurate the flyover on February 28, however, it got delayed due to some reasons. Nevertheless, the flyover is now open, providing much-needed relief to commuters who faced traffic jams, delays and inconvenience for more than two months.

In recent years, traffic congestion has become a major issue in Delhi, leading to delays, loss of time and productivity for commuters. The opening of the Ashram Flyover is a welcome step in reducing traffic congestion, which is a significant source of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the city. The reduction in traffic congestion will not only reduce pollution but also help in saving time and improving the quality of life of commuters.

The Ashram Flyover is expected to have a significant impact on the economy of the city by improving transportation and logistics. The reduction in travel time will help in improving the efficiency of goods transport and will also contribute to the overall development of the city. The flyover will also be beneficial for tourists visiting the city as it will provide them with a faster and smoother travel experience.

The reopening of the flyover will also benefit local businesses and shops as it will improve accessibility and convenience for customers. Commuters will now be able to reach their destinations more quickly and efficiently, reducing the time spent on the road.

In conclusion, the reopening of the Ashram Flyover is a significant development that will provide relief to commuters who have been facing traffic congestion and delays for a long time. The six-lane flyover will not only improve transportation and logistics but also have a positive impact on the economy and the quality of life of commuters. However, it is important to ensure that the flyover is used responsibly, and traffic rules are followed to avoid accidents and ensure the safety of commuters.

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