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Apple iPhone 5G Update: Know Who Can Upgrade Their Devices; A Step-By-Step Guide

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Apple iPhone 5G update: Delivering good news for iPhone lovers in India, Apple Inc. has finally released the Apple iOS 16 5G Beta software programme in our country. The Apple iPhone 5G update is now live in the country and Airtel and Jio customers will be able to experience the super-fast 5G. However, only the users on iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE (third generation) devices can enjoy 5G, as a part of the company’s iOS 16 Beta software programme, before it is “available for all” in December.

The Beta programme of Apple lets users try out pre-release software and experience the latest features before it is available publicly. The Apple 5G Beta is open to anyone in India with a valid Apple ID who accepts the agreement during the sign-up process.

How to activate 5G on your iPhone

  • iPhone users who want to try the beta software should back up their device before installing beta software.
  • The company recommends to install the beta software only on non-production devices that are not business critical.
  • The iOS beta software comes with the built-in Feedback Assistant app that can be opened from the Home screen on your iPhone or iPad or from the Dock on your Mac
  • Go to Apple Beta Software Program website and find the ‘Sign Up’ link below option button. Thereafter, sign in with the Apple ID you have and proceed with on-screen instructions to switch to the beta channel.
  • To upgrade the iPhone, go to Settings> General> Software Update and update your device to iOS 16.2 that is the latest version that enables 5G.
  • You should restart your device after downloading and installing the update.

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