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DTH are also being smart, know which are powerful

New Delhi: These days, Smart TVs are being launched one after another in the Indian market.  These include all major brands except Samsung, OnePlus.  The range of these smart TVs starts between 8000-10,000 and goes up to millions.  While the trend of smart TV is increasing these days after the increasing demand for OTT content in mobile, on the other hand there are many people who do not want to change their expensive TV but want to enjoy smart TV in it.  For such people, where Reliance Jio has launched Giga Fiber, operators other than the already existing Airtel, Dish TV are bringing smart set top boxes.  With the help of these set top boxes, you can convert your normal LED TV into a smart TV for very little cost.  However, for this you will also need an internet connection.

What is Smart Set Top Box, how is it different from normal DTH

Following the steps taken by TRAI in the recent past, a new battle has started between the DTH operators of the country.  On the other hand, the demand for OTT content has increased rapidly in the country in the recent few months, that too in every category.  Whether you want to watch a movie or a series, people of all ages along with youth are attracted towards OTT content i.e. over the top content.  As a result, the market is flooded with smart TVs.  While smart TVs have come on the market, the challenge has increased for DTH operators as Reliance has started Giga Fiber service in the market under which people will also get smart set top boxes and enjoy OTT content on normal TV.  Will get  After this, now DTH operators have taken a big step and are bringing smart set top boxes one after the other.  Instead of this normal set top boxes, you also provide content on the Internet on your normal TV.

Airtel Xtreme and Dish Smart Hub launched after Jio, Tata and Videocon also ready

After the rise of Jio Giga Fiber and Jio Smart Box in the market, competition has increased.  However, at the moment Jio has not stated the price of GigaFiber and before that Airtel has launched its smart set top box Airtel Xstreme in the market.  At the same time, Dish TV has also launched its Dish Smart Hub set top box.  After this, competition has increased in the smart set top box category.  At the same time Tata and Videocon are set to do something similar soon.

Airtel Xstreme

As far as Airtel Xstreme is concerned, it has been launched at a price of Rs 3,999 which runs on Android 9 Pie.  Those who are already customers of Airtel can buy this box for Rs 2,249 only.  In addition to the normal set top box, OTT content will also be seen in this box.  In this, users will already be able to take advantage of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Airtel Stote.  Apart from this, more than 500 TV channels can be seen in the same place, while it will give 4K content.  In terms of connectivity, it will connect with Bluetooth and WiFi and will also support Chromecast.  The box can be operated with voice control and users will be able to take advantage of it on their phones too.

dish SMRT Hub

After Airtel, Dish TV has also launched its smart set top box.  Launched as dishSMRT Hub and dishSMRT Kit, this product will compete with Jio and Airtel Extreme.  The dishSMRT Hub will also run on Android 9 Pie and will already have support from Google Play Store and Google Assistant.  Apart from this, users will also be able to enjoy OTT content.  Dish claims that it will also allow the user to download games on the Google Play Store which the user can play on TV.  However, for this they will have to purchase the gamepad separately.  Dish’s dishSMRT Hub has also launched at a price of Rs 3,999 and will be available for customers already using Dish TV for just Rs 2,499.  If a user does not want to buy a set top box, he can buy the dishSMRT Kit which helps the user to convert their current set top box into a smart set top box.

Tata Sky and Videocon D2H also race

While Airtel and Dish have launched their smart set top boxes, now Tata Sky and Videocon are also in the process of preparing it.  There is news about Tata Sky that the company is going to bring its Android based set top box on December 16.  Earlier, the company launched Tata Sky Binge.  However, it is currently dependent on the special version of the Amazon Fire Stick that connects to your TV.  On the other hand, there is also news that the company can take this forward and launch Android based set top box in the coming time.  However, the company has not issued any statement regarding this.  But according to media reports, it will also run on Android 9 and will also provide 8 GB of storage with 2 GB of RAM.  It will be hybrid between DTH and OTT content and will offer 4K content.

Similarly, there is news that Videocon D2H is also preparing to launch its smart set top box soon.  Although the company introduced a similar set top box in 2016, but this time it will be Android based box.  However, much information has not been available yet about this.

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