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Smartphone charging tips: Avoid these silly mistakes while charging your phone to increase its life

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Smartphone charging tips: Smartphone has become the need of everyone in today’s era, it has made our life easier to a great extent. Nowadays we can do most of the work with our smartphone.

One thing that probably no one likes while using the phone is the battery drain of the phone. As soon as the battery of the phone runs out, we put the phone on charging.

But there are many people who use the phone during charging. Also, there are many such mistakes that spoil your phone.

Smartphone charging tips: In today’s news, we will tell you about those mistakes that you should not do even by mistake while charging the smartphone, otherwise you may have to suffer a lot.

Avoid fully charging the phone

Most of the people charge their smartphone fully but do you know that it should not be done like this. You should always charge your smartphone up to 80 percent only. This not only keeps the phone’s battery health good, but your phone also lasts for a long time.

Avoid playing games while charging

Most of the youth have the habit of putting the phone on charge while playing games or playing games while charging. By doing this, more pressure on the processor of the smartphone increases and the problem of battery heating is seen, due to which the phone’s battery can deteriorate quickly.

Smartphone charging tips: Avoid using duplicate charger

Smartphone charging tips: If you use a duplicate charger to charge your smartphone, then doing so badly affects the battery of the phone as well as can damage your phone.

Do not stop charging in between

If you do not let the phone charge at once and repeatedly remove it from charging in the middle and then charge again, then doing so has a very bad effect on the processor. You charge the phone in one go and only then use it.

Smartphone charging tips: Use a right capacity charger

If your smartphone does not support fast charging, then do not use fast charger in it at all, if you do this then the phone’s battery may explode after heating up or there is a possibility of some other problem in the smartphone. This can prove to be dangerous for your phone.

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