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Oppo Pad Air Review: An entry-level tablet with lightweight and compact features, know the price and features…

OPPO pad air

Oppo Pad Air Review The new tablet Oppo Pad Air was launched by Oppo. How is this tablet in terms of performance? Also how is the battery life of the Tab? Know this in today’s review..

The tablet market in India was dominated by Apple and Samsung brands. But the situation has changed in the last few months. Actually, recently new players in the Indian tablet market have done. In this, the name of Oppo appears along with Xiaomi, Reality. Smartphone brand Oppo has made a strong knock by launching its first tablet Oppo Pad Air in India. With this, a new challenge has been presented for the rest of the tablet brands present in the Indian tablet market. The starting price of Oppo Pad Ari is Rs 15,999. While the top variant comes for Rs 19,999. The question arises that what is special in Oppo Pad Air? We will know this in today’s review..


The design of the Oppo Pad Air tablet is good. The tab has been given a matte finish touch on one part, while the other part comes in a textured finish. With this, Oppo may have tried to break the monotony in the tab market. Oppo’s branding is available in the rear of the tab. While the camera cutout has been given on one corner. At the bottom, there is a USB typing port and speaker grille. Micro SD card slot and volume button are available on the left side, while the power button and speaker grill are given in the top. Two speakers are given in the top and two speakers in the bottom of the table. While the camera selfie camera has been given on the bezels in the front. In terms of design, Oppo Pad Air looks somewhat fresh.

If we talk about the inhand feel, then it has been quite good. When holding the tab, it doesn’t feel heavy. Its weight is 440 grams. Also the tab comes in ultra-lightweight design. Its thickness is 6.94mm. Very thick bezels are available in the table. The tab is quite good in terms of in hand feel.


Oppo Pad Air has a large display of 10.36 inches. IPS LCD display is given in the table. It gets better viewing angles. But there is light reflection in bright sunlight. But the tab works better when used indoors. The picture resolution of the tab is 1200×2000 pixels. The refresh rate support of 60 Hz has been provided in the tab. 1 billion colors are available in the tab. This tab is much better for social media, entertainment packages like YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix. Also, students are fit for notes and other documents.


Quad speaker support has been provided in Oppo Pad Air, which come with Dolby Atmos support. It gets 1W full range audio output. The speaker is excellent in terms of audio quality. It has crystal clear voice support. Also, there is a great experience in the speaker during gaming. The four speakers of the tab are well placed at the four corners.


The Tab comes with 4GB RAM and 3GB Virtual RAM support. In this way a total of 7 GB RAM support is available in the tablet. The 6nm 8-core Snapdragon 680 chipset has been used in the tab. Also 512GB expandable memory support is provided. The tab has 4GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB UFS 2.2 storage. 3GB virtual RAM support has been provided in the tablet. The gaming experience in the tab has been fine. Also, the tab works well even during multiple app usage. The user interface of the tab is quite good. For connectivity, Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.1 support have been provided in the tab. The Tab only comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Tab comes with Oppo’s ColorOS 12.1 software support, which comes with Android 12 support.

What is lacking?

LTE support is not available in the Tab. Also fingerprint unlock is not given. Although 2D face unlock system support has been given.


Dual camera setup has been given in Oppo Pad Air. Its primary camera is 8 megapixels, which can do decent photos and videography. But it would be foolish to expect photos and videography from the Tab to a 50MP phone. Although the camera is quite good in terms of tablet. Also, a 5-megapixel selfie camera has been given in the front of the tab, which performs well during video calling on Zoom or Google Meet. The Tab’s rear camera will be able to record 1080px720 pixels video at 30fps. While the front camera will be able to record 1080 pixels video at 30fps.


The tablet packs a 7,100mAh jumbo battery that comfortably lasts a day on a single charge. While during this time we also watched videos from gaming. For charging, 18W fast charging is provided with the tab. It takes more than 1.5 hours for the tab to be fully charged.

Our decision

If you want to buy a tab for educational work or use for entertainment content, then Oppo Pad Air can prove to be a good option. The tab offers a great experience of OTT apps including Netflix, Prime video. Also the tab comes in a price point of Rs 15,000. In this prime point, there is no other tablet with Snapdragon 680 chipset.

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