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Who is spying on you on Facebook, here is the easy way to find out


New Delhi: Facebook has crores of users in India. These days, it is one of the easiest ways to connected with our friends and family. However, it is possible that many people on our friend list do not have a direct or indirect connection with us. It’s very much possible that these unknown users can spy on us and collect many types of information. In this situation, the first question arises that how to find out who is spying on you. So you will get the answer here. Here we are going to tell you a special way here, by which you will be able to find the spy. Let’s know the whole process…

Who sees your Facebook profile?

To know who has seen your Facebook profile, first of all, open Facebook on a computer or laptop.

After opening the Facebook page, right-click with your mouse and view page source option will open

Now, click on it

After the new page is opened, give the CTRL+F command

Now enter BUDDY_ID in the search box

You will see a 15 digit ID written as BUDDY_ID, copy it

After doing this enter ID and enter.

Now, you will be able to see the ID of the user who has viewed your profile will be opened.

How to find out who else is using your profile

It very common that we use our Facebook in the office, but if you forgot to log out this from your office computer it might be risky, and unwanted person can spy on your account.

To trace the spy, click on the three-dotted line that appears on the ride side of Facebook

Now, click on the ‘setting’ option, where you will see the ‘Security and Login’ option.

After clicking ‘Security and Login’ option, you will see ‘Where you are logged in’ option.

Here you can find that where your Facebook account is logged-in and on which device, where and at what time. All this information will be available here and with the help of this you can find out who other than you is using your account.

Spy on such blocked account

If you think you’re being spied on by another device, first try to log out from that device.

To check this, click on the three-dotted points on the ride side of the device where you are logged in.

After clicking it you will be able to see the Review Login page

After this, you will be able to log out of your account from that device.

You can also choose the Secure Account option.

Here two options — Not you and Log out — will appear.

Users can make their account secure by clicking Not You.

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