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Banks will remain closed for 6 consecutive days: will shortage of cash in ATM

The bank will remain closed for 6 consecutive days. There will be cash shortage in the ATM. Before this date, all the work should be done, the conflict between the bank and the government has increased a lot in these last few months and the reason behind it is that the government should ask for something. Looks non-reasonable while Bank Union is adamant on these. Due to this, banks have gone on strike many times in the past and it seems that this holiday is going to be eclipsed around the festival of Holi, which in itself is a matter of great concern because without banking facilities for so many days. It is also very difficult to live.

The bank unions are going on strike from March 11 to March 13, and these dates have been chosen with due consideration because on March 10, there will be a holiday due to Holi and then 14th is a holiday on the second and Sunday is to be a holiday on the 15th.

In such a situation, in the month of March, the bank is going to remain closed for 6 consecutive days i.e. for about a week and this is a very long gap in which if the common man does not have any problem, but those who depend on the bank for business, they are good. There can be a lot of problem. Apart from this, due to the shutdown of many banks, cash will not be filled in ATMs and in such a situation, you may also get cash shortage and this problem can last for about a week.

So it is important that if you have all the work that you need from the bank, it should be dealt with in the first week of March and if there is any problem in which you are going to need cash, then take it out in advance so that suddenly you will get different Do not have to wander at the ATM.

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