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Sitharaman says on inflation – “I do not eat so much garlic and onion”

Onion prices in the country have spoiled the budget of the common man. Government efforts to curb its prices appear to be failing. The opposition is questioning the government on this issue. On Wednesday, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that she does not eat so much garlic and onion. She comes from such a family where not much onion-garlic is meant. His statement made a lot of laughter in the House.
In response to some members ‘questions about eating onions in the Lok Sabha, Nirmala said,’ I do not eat this much happiness, onion, sir. I come from a family where I don’t mean onions. ‘ The finance minister stood up to answer the questions of Nationalist Congress Party MP Supriya Sule from Baramati, Maharashtra. At the same time, some members questioned whether you eat onions. He gave this answer to this question of the members.

Earlier, MP Sule raised the issue of NPA and onion farmers. He said, ‘I want to ask the government a small question about onions. The government is sourcing onions from Egypt, arranging onions. I commend this move of the government. I come from Maharashtra where onion is grown on a large scale but I want to ask why onion production has dropped? Small farmers produce onions and need to be saved.

Explain that onion imports will affect the farmers of the country and Sule was only questioning this. Sitharaman stood up to answer the NCP MP’s question. At the same time, he was questioned about eating onions. The Finance Minister, after answering on eating his onions, gave information about the government’s policies for onion farmers.

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