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Yes Bank Crisis: 4 signs that investors lost money on ignorance

New Delhi: Yes Bank was having problems for a long time, but retail investors ie small investors ignored them. Later his negligence was heavy and his thousands of crores of rupees were drowned. Market experts say that if you are investing money in the stock market, be alert and pay attention to every little big thing. Because these things later become the reason for your profit or loss. According to financial market experts, in the case of Yes Bank crisis, the retail investors ignored 4 such things which were quite serious. In such a situation, if you invest in the stock market, then pay attention to these things, so that there is no further accident with your investor.

First mistake of Yes Bank investors

Yes Bank was reporting its non-performing asset (NPA) to the stock market every quarter. But the NPAs being conveyed to RBI by the company were different. As soon as investors came to know that Yes Bank was going double trick on NPL, it should have been cautious.

Second mistake of Yes Bank investors

The second indication was found when RBI asked Yes Bank to clear the situation with the NPA. The signal was clear that something was not going well in the bank. This was also the time for investors to be cautious.

The third mistake of Yes Bank investors

The third major signal was found when YES Bank founder and CEO Rana Kapoor stepped down. At that time, investors speculated that now everything will be alright. But instead of speculating on such occasions, hard decisions should be taken. Here too, many investors missed and took losses.

The fourth mistake of Yes Bank investors

The fourth and final mistake was made by the investors when the newly appointed CEO Ravneet Gill spoke of bringing investment in the bank. During this time, a London investor got a statement that if he likes the people of Yes Bank, then he can invest about Rs 10,000 crore in Yes Bank. Investors relied on such superficial things and eventually drowned their money.

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