Delhi Electricity Subsidy: Will the subsidy be discontinued or number of consumers will be reduced? Atishi reveals plan

Currently, there is an uproar over the Delhi Electricity Subsidy, with many questioning whether the scheme will be closed or the number of beneficiaries receiving subsidies will be reduced. On Monday, Delhi’s new Power Minister, Atishi, made it clear that the Delhi government will begin the process of renewing the power subsidy scheme for those who want to avail or continue it in the next financial year itself.

The renewal process was made necessary after the government revamped the scheme in October last year, making it mandatory for domestic consumers to apply for the benefit. According to Atishi, who recently took charge of the department, the renewal process will begin in March, as reported by The Times of India.

While the old ways of applying for subsidy through missed calls, texts, and WhatsApp will continue, the government is looking to simplify the process for those who are already availing it. The minister stated, “We are planning a process through which it will be easier for those who are already using the subsidy. They can just say yes or no depending on whether they want to take advantage of it or not.”

Under the power subsidy scheme launched in October last year, residents of Delhi had the option to apply through both offline and online modes. They could do this by giving a missed call on the department-issued number, WhatsApp number, or by scanning the QR code on their electricity bill. Consumers also had the option of filling up consent forms attached to their electricity bills and submitting them to the nearest billing center or customer care center of the electricity board to avail the free subsidy. Atishi said that the existing mechanism will continue to exist, and the department will soon issue an order in this regard.

The subsidy scheme currently provides that households in the capital with electricity consumption below 200 units need not pay any electricity bill, while households with consumption up to 400 units receive a 50% discount. According to government data, there are 58,28,828 electricity consumers in Delhi, of whom 48,14,319 have opted for the subsidy so far.

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