Delhi MLA’s to get increased salary; check what they will receive now

The salary of Delhi MLAs has increased by 66%, they will now receive ₹90,000 every month; the CM will receive this much salary.

The Delhi government has approved the proposal to increase the salaries and allowances of MLAs before the budget. Under the proposal, an increase of 66% in salary has been accepted. MLAs will now receive a total of ₹90,000 per month that ₹54,000 earlier.

After the proposal was approved by the President, the Department of Law, Justice, and Legislative Affairs issued a notification for the salary hike. Now, the Chief Minister, Ministers, Assembly Speaker, and Opposition Leader, among others, will receive a total of ₹1.70 lakh per month, including salary and allowances, compared to the earlier ₹72,000. The proposal was passed last year in the Delhi Assembly on July 4, 2022.

It is after 12 years when the salary of MLAs in Delhi has increased. According to the notification issued by the department, this increased salary arrangement will be effective from February 14, 2023, for all 70 MLAs.

Last year, on July 4, a proposal for increasing the salaries of the Chief Minister, Ministers, MLAs, Chief Secretary, Speaker, and Opposition Leader, among others, was sent to the Home Ministry by passing five separate bills in the Delhi Assembly. After considering the proposal, the President approved it on February 14, resulting in a nearly 66% increase in the salary of MLAs.

So far, their basic salary was ₹12,000 per month, but now it has increased to ₹20,000 per month.

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