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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Indian labourers hired to work on stalls waited for hours without food, water, passing urine

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: Over 200 migrant labourers, mostly of them were from India and hired to work on concession stalls at the opening game of Qatar World Cup on Sunday, reportedly had been left without food, water and toilet facilities for nearly seven hours while they waited their assignment. Shockingly, their contracts guaranteed one meal a day and around $1,000 in 55 days.

A report by the New York Times said that these people were desperately trying to contact their employer but the attempts went in vain. The group was standing in front of the Al Bayt stadium in Al Khor. Narrating their ordeal, some of them said that they had been asked to report to a facility close to the arena before 10 a.m., nine hours before the game was scheduled to start.

According to the report, the labourers had signed contracts to work at the World Cup that guaranteed one meal a day and just under $1,000 for 55 days. One of the migrants, who requested anonymity out of the fear that revealing identity could draw unexpected results for him, termed the situation as a “very bad experience”. He said that they were asked to come before 9 a.m. but no one was there.

The group of these workers were just a small part of the army of low-paid workers Qatar has hired to prepare the country to host the World Cup. The treatment of workers in Qatar and elsewhere in the Gulf has always drawn much scrutiny in the yearslong buildup to the event. Human rights groups estimating thousands of migrants have died as a result of injuries, heat-related problems and other health issues as Qatar embarked on a $200 billion reconstruction to prepare for the one-month tournament. Qatar strongly disputes that total, and notes that it has made reforms to its labour laws.

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