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Oskar Sala’s 112th Birthday: Who is Oscar Sala in whose memory Google has made a doodle

Oskar Sala

Oskar Sala’s 112th Birthday: On opening Google today, you must have seen an artistic doodle. In today’s doodle of Google, a person is seen making music. This person is electronic musician and physicist Oscar Sala. Google has remembered the famous electronic musician on his 112th birthday by creating a Google Doodle. He was best known for his 1959 songs for Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and the Rosemary Movie.

Sala was immersed in music from birth as his mother Annemarie (1887–1959) worked as a singer, and his father Paul (1874–1932) an ophthalmologist, fostered his musical talent. . Oscar Sala had created many great music and sound effects sitting in the recording studio. His music, produced for TV, radio and films, became very popular.

Been making music since the age of 14

At the age of 14, Sala began composing and composing songs on the violin and piano. Later, he majored in trautonium which further inspired his studies in Physics and Composition in school. The electronic musician studied physics at the University of Berlin to further expand his knowledge of maths and natural science.

Honored with many awards

The German composer and physicist has won numerous awards for his work, conducted many interviews, met many artists and has been honored in radio broadcasts and films. Sala donated his trautonium to the German Museum for Contemporary Technology in 1995.

He also composed the Quartet-Trautonium, Concert Trautonium and Volkstratonium. Sala’s Volkstratonium was presented to the public in 1933 at the Berliner Funkasstellung radio exhibition.

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