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Prince Charles took ₹10 crore from terrorist Osama bin Laden’s brothers, what is the connection?

The family of terrorist Osama bin Laden donated 1 million pounds, or about 0.64 crore rupees, to the Charitable Trust of Prince Charles. According to the report of The Sunday Times, this amount was given by two half-brothers of bin Laden. Prince Charles accepted the donation from Bakr bin Laden and Shafiq. After this report came out, questions have been raised on the Prince Charles Charity Organization.

According to the report, Prince Charles took this amount from Bakker at Clarence House in London. He himself had met Bakr. In 2013, Prince Charles took the entire amount in a suitcase. Let us tell you that two years before this, Osama bin Laden was killed by the US Army. Osama had attacked the Twin Towers of America in which more than 3 thousand people were killed. Among the dead, 67 people were also from Britain.

Prince Charles’s advisers also advised him not to take this amount. Sir Lan Cheshire, chairman of the PWCF, said that all the funds taken from Baker bin Laden were within the knowledge of the trustees. He said that the decision to accept the donation was also taken by the trustees together. Even before this, questions have been raised about taking donations on Prince Charles’s trust. In February, police launched an investigation into the taking of money from Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak.

The Saudi businessman has denied any wrongdoing. Apart from this, money was also taken from the controversial politician of Qatar. It was told that this entire amount was taken in a suitcase. Former Prime Minister of Qatar HBJ also used to give large sums of money to Charles. During a meeting, he allegedly gave 1 million euros in a bag.

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