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Ananya Panday’s cousin Alanna on being shamed on social media

Ananya Panday's cousin Alanna on being shamed on social media

Mumbai: ¬†Actress Ananya Pandays cousin, model Alanna, has revealed that she is regularly slut-shamed on Instagram, recalling how a female user once even wrote that she “deserved to be gang raped”.

Alanna took a stand against cyber-bullying with her recent Instagram post, in which she said that getting trolled has now become an “everyday part” of her life.

“This happened months ago, I wish I had spoken about it sooner, but waking up and reading things like this just became normal to me-it’s an everyday part of my life. Here’s 1 per cent of what I have to wake up and read everyday,” posted Alanna, who is very active on Instagram and the images she shares includes some of herself in swimwear.

She also shared a note to put forward some incidents.

“I’ve had a woman comment on my post saying I deserve to be gang raped because I posted a picture in a bikini. She then tagged my mother and father in the comment to make sure that they saw it too. I wish I had a screenshot but I was so shaken when I saw it I blocked her immediately and Instagram deleted the comment,” she wrote in her note.

“When I went to her profile to block her I saw that she was married and had a daughter a little younger than me. I don’t understand how you can wish that upon someone else’s child.”

She also shared a screenshot of a woman’s Instagram profile and captioned it: “Educated women in our country still talk/think like this. According to her bio she’s either a doctor or a nurse.”

Her mother Deanne also shared her views in the comments section.

Deanne wrote: “This is the same person who sent me messages saying I am bringing up my daughter in the wrong way and I should be ashamed .. that you are influenced by Bollywood so that’s why you wear less clothes. She also said you have no assets .. so you wear these clothes for attention.S he said a lot more as it’s all on your previous Instagram post .. her nasty comments.”

In her previous post, Alanna shared a picture of herself in lingerie, and slammed people body shaming her. “Since 2020 is the year we don’t keep quiet — Yes I’m “FLAT”, yes I have a “small a**”, No being skinny does NOT mean you have an eating disorder. I know I’m not perfect, I still LOVE my body. Stop body shaming women,” she said.

Alanna continued: “I have to wake up everyday and read the nastiest comments, comments from people that don’t know me as human. What’s worse that waking up to hateful comments about my body everyday, is that it comes from other women. I didn’t choose this body I was born with it. Am I less of a woman cause i’m not “curvy”? Hypothetically if I was one of those women who circum to this pressure and under go surgery, I’m then “plastic” and “fake”, right? Basically, you’ll are impossible to please. Hiding behind a screen has made it so easy for people to hate. It doesn’t matter if you have 5000, 500K or 5 million followers, don’t forget that there’s another human with FEELINGS at the other end. The next time you decide to channel your anger towards someone you don’t know on Instagram, stop and rethink. The world could use more love and less a**holes right now.”

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