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Coronavirus: 12 big celebrities of the world have become victims of Corona virus

These days, the effect of Corona virus is being seen worldwide. So far, around 4300 people have died due to the virus. At the same time, about one lakh 22 thousand people are infected with this disease. This virus was first introduced in China. After this, gradually the virus has started spreading worldwide. Not only common but special people like big celebrities, politicians and sports persons have also come under the grip of corona virus. In this package, you will tell the list of such people who have been found to be corona positive so far.

1) Tom Hanks, actor

The effect of the Corona virus is being seen everywhere, even Hollywood is not untouched by it.

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks became the first film celebrity to be confirmed by the Corona virus. This information was given by Tom Hanks himself through his social media account. Tom Hanks told via tweet that he is currently in Australia to produce the film. He had a fever while living in Australia and will now be isolated due to Corona virus.

2) Rita Wilson, actress

Not only has Tom Hanks his wife and actress Rita Wilson also confirmed the virus. Rita and Tom, 63, were in Australia where they had little fever. Upon investigation, both were found to be corona positive.

3) Peter Dutton (Home Minister, Australia)

Not only actors, but also politicians have come under the grip of this virus. Australia’s Home Minister Peter Dutton’s corona virus test positive. According to Australian media they are infected with the corona virus. However, this has not been officially confirmed yet.

4) Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Sophie Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, also has an infection with Corona. According to information, Sophie had recently returned from Britain. Since then, symptoms of fever were seen in them. When the doctors examined the sample, the corona virus was confirmed.

5) Fabio Vazgarten, Head of Communications, Brazil

Brazilian President Bolsonar’s communications chief Fabio Vazengarten was found infected with Kovid-19 after a US visit last week. During a visit to the US, the two met President Donald Trump. After this visit, he was found infected with coronavirus.

6) Rudy Gobert, NBA star

NBA star 27-year-old Rudy Gobert also had symptoms of corona. After this, when he conducted the investigation, the corona virus has been confirmed in the investigation. After which the NBA has postponed the shooting for its next season.

7) Donovan Mitchell, NBA Star

On the other hand, ESPM’s Adrian Wojrowski said on Thursday that Donovan Mitchell, another Utah Jazz star, has also confirmed the virus. Symptoms were seen in Donovan after Gobert’s positive tests were found. After which he was also tested which was found positive.

8) Danielle Rugani, National Saucer Player, Italy

Italy’s football club Juventus announced on Wednesday that defender Danielle Rugani had undergone tests for the corona virus. His test has been found to be positive. Significantly, Rugani is the first player from Italy’s top football division in which the virus has been found positive.

9) Mikel Arteta, Arsenal head coach

Corona virus has also been confirmed in head coach Mikel Arteta of well-known football club Arsenal. Subsequently, the London-based training center has been closed. Those members of the team are placed in isolation, who have come in contact with coach Mikel.

10) Nadine Dorries

Britain’s Health Minister Nadine Dorries has also been found to be suffering from corona infection. He said, I confirm that my corona test has come positive and I have separated myself from everyone at the moment. She has also said that she is trying to know where and how she got this infection.

11) Cain Richardson

Australian cricketer Cain Richardson is also feared to have corona virus. According to the information coming out, he has been kept as a suspected patient. Richardson plays in the IPL with captain Virat Kohli’s team.

12) Irene Montero

Spain’s Minister of Equality Irene Montero has also been hit by Coronavirus. He is separated along with his partner and deputy prime minister Pablo Iglesias. With this, the Spanish government has also decided to conduct an inquiry of all the members.

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