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Criminal Justice Season 3 Review: Pankaj Tripathi follows Radhika Apte; Madhav Mishra fail to convince

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review: It is the age of OTT (over the top). Everyone is entertained with their favorite OTT web series and movies according to their time sitting at home on smart TVs. The condition of the big screen is bad. Big movies are falling one after the other. And, meanwhile, Pankaj is intent on making Tripathi spend like Radhika Apte, who makes digital content. From films to web series, Pankaj Tripathi has started showing so much that the attraction of watching him is slowly decreasing. Pankaj Tripathi may or may not understand this, but the difference between his real personality and his characters on screen is slowly disappearing.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review: Madhav Mishra’s weak comeback

The basic problem of the web series ‘Criminal Justice’ is in its idea. In this, the way of storytelling moves forward with ease and those who watch Hindi web series and movies need thrill and speed. Vikrant Massey and Kirti Kulhari somehow handled the matter for two seasons, this time everything is in the hands of Pankaj Tripathi. In the story of the third season of the web series ‘Criminal Justice’, the hero of the series Madhav Mishra has to save a teenager. He is accused of murdering his half-sister. Sister is a superhit child artist of the small screen. Mother is one of the two.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review: The series missed the script

Murder happens. The corpse is found. In the first episode itself, it is told that the expenses of the house are being run by the earnings of the child artist. So after the murder, he no longer has money and Madhav Mishra takes the responsibility of the case on his forehead. But, in the third episode itself, the mother says don’t worry about money. If money is so important then why lawyer Madhav Mishra? Madhav Mishra has his own problems. His wife has to open a beauty parlor at home. There’s a grown-up kid who looks like a fan of a child artist. In the midst of all this, it is not known when Pankaj Tripathi is on screen and when Madhav Mishra. The media circus starts and the police investigation is not shown, it is told.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review: Weak adaptation of foreign series

The web series ‘Criminal Justice’, the Hindi adaptation of BBC Studios’ hit series, has the same problem that Applause Entertainment’s borrowed foreign stories have had from the beginning. His writing is not according to the thinking and liking of the Indian audience. The company has also not hired any such consultant for this, who can tell them where the error is happening. The series is made according to the choice of the audience of the English series, but its writing remains the same even after the geographical conditions have changed completely. In a single line, there is no current in the series. Slow writing and top-notch direction as if Rohan Sippy is engaged just to make a series.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review: Rohan Sippy’s direction could not work

The Rohan Sippy directorial doesn’t bear the Sippy surname. He leaves the actors by showing them their space, but neither in the actors nor in their dialogues, there is anything to be seen in such a way that it seems, wow! Whats up. The work of ‘Criminal Justice – Incomplete Sach’ (Criminal Justice Season 3), which was defeated in its screenplay and direction, is also half-finished. Let me tell you how Pankaj Tripathi is getting bored now.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review: Young artists don’t shine

The biggest weak link of the series is the young cast. He had a great chance to shine himself on screen. But, as the series progresses, the series, which focuses on teen crimes, not only deviates from its purpose, but also exposes the incomplete preparations made to make the series before the shooting. This is the whole truth of this series.

Criminal Justice Season 3 Review: Whether to watch or not

Technically also the web series ‘Criminal Justice – Incomplete Sach’ (Criminal Justice Season 3) is below average. This attempt to fit the Hindustani story in the complete blueprint of the foreign web series does not work this time. The cinematography, background music all seem to be repeating themselves in the sequences of the series. The editing is also such that the movement of the additional actors standing behind the police cars in the scene of the dead body begins to catch up with the movement of the editor immediately after the director speaks the action. Episodes of such stories should not be more than 30 minutes. All the efforts and hard work of Pankaj Tripathi have also failed to save this series.

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