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Effect of solar eclipse on your zodiac, astrological effects of the eclipse

New Delhi: In traditional cultures of India, eclipses are symbolized as Rahu and Ketu (the Lunar nodes) “swallowing” the Sun and the Moon. Either of the eclipses happen when the Nodes are usually conjunct either the Sun or the Moon on a Full Moon day or a New Moon day.

effect of solar eclipse on your zodiac, auspicious or inauspicious??

On 26th December, the new constellation and Sagittarius in the native constellation and Sagittarius on the Amavasya month of Pausha month, the solar eclipse is happening, on this day there is also increase yoga. This eclipse will be seen all over India. For Delhi residents, this eclipse in Delhi will be effective only starting from 8 am to 16 min 59 sec till 10.56 am 57 sec. This eclipse will be till 1:30 pm in other countries of the world. The pebble shape of this eclipse will be visible only in the southern part of India. In other parts of the country, this eclipse will appear as Khandagras only. The eclipse period of eclipse in Delhi will start from 8:16 am to 16: 59 seconds on 25 December. Astrological analysis of how this eclipse will affect all the 12 zodiac signs.


As a result of this eclipse falling in your destiny, you will not only have mental worries but may also suffer from child-related problems. Worshiping Suryadev on this day is absolutely essential for the competitive students, so that, your concentration remains and there is no effort in getting good marks in the exam.


This eclipse falling in your eighth position will adversely affect your health. Stay protected from conspiracy and secret enemies in the workplace on this day. Drive the vehicle carefully Om chanting of Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Mantra will provide liberation from all defects.



The eclipse falling in the seventh house with zodiac sign is inauspicious for married life. There may be some further delay in marriage related talks, but do not be desperate, it will not be long, so avoid debt transactions. Om Namah Shivaya Karalam Mahakal Kalam Kripalam Namah Shivaya will give relief from sufferings.



This eclipse falling into hostility may result in success in court cases, but health concerns may increase in the family. Be careful, avoid quarrels, disputes and secret enemies.  Chanting of Aghorai Namah Mantra will give relief from the inauspicious defects of the eclipse period.


Leo sun sign

If the eclipse falling in the fifth house from the zodiac is inauspicious for the education competition, the concern of the children may also increase. The side effects of this eclipse will not last long, so do not worry. ॐ By chanting the Namah Khakholkaya mantra, he will protect all the friends of Eclipse.



Eclipse falling in the fourth sign of the zodiac can cause family strife and mental pain, but matters related to land property will also be settled, take care of the health of the parents. By chanting Vishnave Namah Mantra, you will get rid of the defects created by the eclipse.


Libra zodiac

Eclipse work done in zodiac sense with zodiac will not only give you success, but will also increase your courage and might. Stopped money will also come, but do not let differences arise with the brothers. ॐ Chanting Namah Shivaaya Mantra will increase the successes by getting rid of the defects of eclipse.



An eclipse falling under the zodiac sign can bring financial distress. Bitterness can also increase in the family, so your patience and patience will be tested. Avoid eye disorders. ो Chanting Namo Bhagwate Aditya Mantra will protect you from defects caused by eclipse.



Eclipse falling on your zodiac sign indicates that you should take care one step at a time on this day, avoid starting any major work. Drive the vehicle only if it is necessary to avoid accidents. Om Namo Bhagwate Aditya Ahowahini Ahowahini Swaha, chanting the mantra will protect you.



The eclipse that results in loss due to zodiac sign will create more luck and financial tightness, so avoid wastage. Maintain cordial relations with high officials, get involved in futile disputes. Om chanting Namo Bhagwate Rudray Mantra will get rid of these potential sufferings.



Due to the effect of this eclipse, which will be benefited by the amount, your income will increase. If you have older brothers then their health may be adversely affected. ॐ Chanting Namah Shivaya Mantra will further increase the work.



Eclipse in your zodiac sign can have some adverse effects, therefore, use the power of governance properly, be honest about work and do not let differences with authorities, take care of parents’ health. Om chanting Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Mantra will prove to be a boon.


Mars is transiting its own house in Scorpio on 25 December. Astrology says that having any planet in one’s own self is auspicious for that planet. The planet is high in its zodiac sign. People of Scorpio zodiac will benefit immensely during this period. The transit of Mars will also have a good effect on other zodiac signs.


Mars transit time

Mars will enter its zodiac Scorpio by completing the Libra zodiac journey at 9.25 pm on 25 December. Where it will enter Sagittarius sign after midnight of 7 February 2020 at 03:48.

Your courage and might will increase. There will also be a favorable effect on health. At the time of their transit in Scorpio, the native-born in Aries ascendant will be called innocent Manglik. As a result of their profit, there will be more than one means of income. Stopped money will come, but keep the peace and do not let discord arise in the family.

What are the astrological effects of the eclipse

Eclipses are a major event where skywatchers, Astronomers and Astrologers get busy. In ancient days eclipses are mentioned in many texts and scriptures and almost all of them were not good omen. Even in those days none of those mentioned disasters which were linked to eclipses passed without causing any damage. People suffered and later while investigating the reason for the disaster, it was easy for them to put the blame on Eclipses. In the early days, a natural disaster was a rare thing because the environment was very much balanced. People in those days will remember even a small natural disaster for centuries and will be mentioned in great scriptures.

Any person these days can perform simple research on the internet and can find a list of natural, political and other mundane events happened in a country (for example in India) and the list will be alarming every year for the last 100 years. Do you think Eclipse was the reason behind all of these events happening every year?

A person born in a specific rising sign and moon sign and planetary positions are not going to be influenced by these eclipses. There are large no: of people born in Capricorn and Cancer, they all will behave normally as before fighting with their day to day problems. There were eclipses earlier and no one being in some specific sign, behaved in an awkward manner and that is the truth like daylight.

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