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Lust Stories Casting: Kriti Sanon’s mother did this after watching adult scene

Lust Stories

Kiara Advani and Shahid Kapoor made some funny revelations on Karan Johar’s show Koffee With Karan. But in this episode, Karan Johar made a disclosure that hardly anyone knew. This was the disclosure about Karan Johar’s adult film Lust Stories.

Released on Netflix, this anthology had a story of Karan Johar, whose lead characters were Kiara Advani and Vicky Kaushal. This film gave Kiara a good recognition as an actress. But Karan Johar told that Kiara was not the first choice for this film.

Actually, Karan Johar had offered this film to Kriti Sanon. But Kriti told that her mother has refused her to do this film. There was a scene in this film where its main female character, in front of the whole family, starts enjoying herself with the help of a vibrator. Kiara played this scene very well. Kriti Sanon’s mother had a problem with this scene.

Shahid praised

Shahid Kapoor told during this that when he saw this film and met Kiara for the first time after that, he talked to Kiara about it and praised her a lot. As an actor, it was a very mature and mature scene. Whereas Kiara was only one film old at that time and no one expected a new artist to do this scene so well. This was the reason that even Kiara’s Kabir Singh was congratulated by the star Shahid for this.

Women empowerment scene

Karan Johar says that he did not think that anyone would reject this film because he found it to be a very important film for women. Karan Johar believed that women also have the right to make themselves physically happy and that is why he found this film necessary. This was the reason why he unhesitatingly approached Kriti for this film.

Alia Advani after Kriti

Karan Johar told that when Kriti refused to do this film, he did not understand whom to go to. Then he had Alia Advani’s number in his phone and he called Alia Advani. Alia hastily said yes to this film. Karan Johar says that maybe Alia is the lucky name in his life. However, after appearing in films, Alia Advani changed her name to Kiara Advani. But in Karan Johar’s phone, this name was saved by the name Alia Advani.

Karan Johar was upset

Karan Johar told that he was upset before meeting Kiara. He felt that if Kriti’s mother has a problem with this film, then the mother of all the heroines will have a problem with this scene. No one will allow their daughter to do this film. He met Kiara at Manish Malhotra’s party and remembered Kiara’s face. He called Kiara and told her the story and scene of the film. Kiara was quiet for a while after hearing this.

Films only for Karan Johar

After this Kiara asked Karan Johar if he would direct this film himself. When Karan assured Kiara that he would direct this film, Kiara did not delay in saying yes. Kiara Advani said that she did this film only to work with Karan Johar. Just since then Kiara became a favorite of Dharma Productions. After Lust Stories, Kiara Advani made a big cameo in Dharma Productions’ ambitious film Kalank. And then he played the lead role in Raj Mehta’s directorial Dharma film Good Newwz alongside Akshay Kumar, Diljit Dosanjh and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Now when will you cast

During a conversation on Koffee With Karan, Kiara Advani revealed that everyone in magazines and newspapers calls her Dharma’s favorite girl. But after Govinda Naam Mera, Karan Johar has not signed him in any Dharma film till now. Kiara said that this is when Karan Johar has directed one film and another announced. Kiara jokingly said that she is pitching herself for this film and Karan assured her that she would remember it.

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