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Samantha Ruth Prabhu is suffering from myositis; know what is myositis and its symptoms

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South Indian actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu, better known for her performance in Mersel, Their etc., has opened up about being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, myositis, — something she initially hoped to share after going into remission, but said that it is “taking a little longer than I hoped”. The actress shared a pic of her on Instagram with an IV drip on her hand.


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Expressing that she is grateful for all the love and appreciation that is coming her way after her new film Yashodha‘s trailer launch, she said, “It is this love and connection that I share with all of you, that gives me the strength to deal with the seemingly unending challenges that life throws at me. A few months back I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition called myositis. I was hoping to share this after it had gone into remission. But it is taking a little longer than I hoped.”

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She further said that she is “slowly realising” that we don’t always need to put up a strong front.

“Accepting this vulnerability is something that I am still struggling with. The doctors are confident that I will make a complete recovery very soon. I have had good days and bad days…. physically and emotionally…. and even when it feels like I can’t handle one more day of this, somehow that moment passes. I guess it can only mean that I am one more day closer to recovery. I love you…this too shall pass,” said the 35-year-old actress.

Here’s all you need to know about myositis.

What is myositis?

Myositis happens due to inflammation in the muscles or in simple words you can say that it happens when the immune system of the body starts attacking muscles. It also depends on the type of myositis one has. According to Indian Journal of Rheumatology, the prevalence of this disease is around 4-22 cases per one lakh people.

What are the types of myositis:

Inclusion-body myositis
Juvenile myositis
Toxic myositis

What are the causes

Experts, however, still not sure about the cause of this disease but it is believed that sometimes it occurs on its own and is sometimes triggered by other health conditions.

What are the symptoms of myositis?

Muscle pain, muscle soreness, fatigue, trouble swallowing and difficulty in breathing are some common symptoms of myositis. Fever, weight loss and joint pain are some other symptoms of it.

How myositis affects body

Myositis usually targets the arms, shoulders, legs, hips, abdomen and spinal muscles. Moreover, it can affect the muscles of esophagus (food pipe), diaphragm and eyes at the advanced stage.

Generally, people suffering from myositis experience difficulty in standing up after sitting, lifting objects and climbing stairs.

Experts also believe that myositis may also be caused by autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus and viruses such as the common cold, flu, and HIV drug toxicity.

How to deal with myositis

Doctors usually suggest consuming steroids and immunosuppressive drugs to treat myositis but there is no certain medical treatment for this disease that fits the requirements. Moreover, doctors recommend immunosuppressant drugs along with physical therapy, exercise, stretching, and yoga which can help keep muscles strong and flexible and prevent muscle atrophy.

Diet and recovery

Increase the number of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in your daily diet.

Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, for instance, salmon, flax seeds, nuts, hemp, and fish oil supplements can be a better pick.

Protein-rich diet like soy and its products, legumes, yogurt, pulses and fish instead of animal proteins.

Processed and refined foods, foods containing preservatives, high fructose corn syrup and pastries should be avoided.

Replace the refined flour with whole grains and millet varieties.

Nuts like cashews, walnuts, and almonds and seeds like pumpkin, sesame, and flax seeds can be add-ons.

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