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Corona test kit: Do your corona test in just 15 minutes; the antigen kit costs only Rs 250

Corona test kit

New Delhi: Corona test kit: Now everybody will be able to do his or her corona test on their own. What you will all have to do is buy the corona antigen kit from the market. This kit will cost only Rs 250. Reports can be easily found by scanning the barcode on the kit with the download MyLab app on the mobile phone.

Pouch kit contains

Pre-filled tube

Sterile Nasal Swab

Test card

Here’s how to check

A small bag, after the completion of the testing process, has to keep all the accessories including the kit in it.

Install the Mylab app on the smartphone, fill in all the information.

Remove the kit from the pouch, install the bar code on it in the app.

Remove the sterile nasal swab from the pouch.

Take the plastic part of the swab in your hand and take it in two to three centimeters alternately in both the nostrils. Swab five times in both holes.

Insert the nasally collected swab into a pre-fluid filled tube.

Take the swab to the bottom of the tube, then mix properly.

In the middle part of the nasal swab, there is a place of breakdown. Break it right there. This will move the swab part into the tube.

Close the top of the tube properly.

Pour two drops of fluid from the tube into the rounded part of the kit.

Results will be seen in 15 minutes.

If the result is seen in 20 minutes, it is considered incorrect.

The report will arrive on the mobile phone in 15 minutes.

If the C and T point in the kit is red then the report is positive and if only the C point is red then the report is negative.

Reports can also be downloaded from mobile phones.

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