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Omicron cases in India: Corona scare in Maharashtra, 24,383 new cases in Delhi, daily infection rate near 15% in the country

Omicron cases in India

Omicron cases in India: Coronavirus and Omicron Cases are rapidly increasing in the third wave of the corona epidemic. While the daily infection rate was two per cent on the first day of the new year, it has now reached close to 15 per cent. It has now increased by more than 13 per cent in two weeks. The daily infection rate in Delhi has reached close to 30 per cent. The weekly infection rate has also reached double digits. The number of new cases coming out every day has been increasing at a fast pace for the last few days, as a result of which active cases have also reached their highest level of 220 days.

Infection pace frightening in Maharashtra

The pace of infection in Maharashtra is frightening. 43,211 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Maharashtra while 19 people died due to the infection. There have been 238 cases of Omicron in Maharashtra on Friday. The total number of Omicron cases in the state is 1,605.

Delhi reports 24,383 new cases

In the national capital Delhi, 24,383 new cases of the coronavirus were reported in the last 24 hours while 34 people died due to the infection. There are 92,273 active cases in Delhi. At the same time, 3,200 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Uttarakhand on Friday, while three people have died due to the epidemic.

11,317 new cases in Mumbai

In the last 24 hours, 11,317 new cases of the coronavirus were reported in Mumbai while nine people have died. There are 84,352 active cases in the metropolis.

Scary infection in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, 23,459 new cases of the corona were reported while 26 patients died. There are 1,18,017 active cases in the state. At the same time, 28,723 new cases of the corona were reported in Karnataka while 14 people died. There are 1,41,337 active cases in the state.

22,645 new cases in Bengal

In West Bengal, 22,645 new cases of the corona were reported while 28 people died. There are 1,45,483 active cases in Bengal.

Daily infection rate at 14.78%

According to the data updated by the Union Health Ministry at 8 am on Friday, the daily infection rate has reached 14.78 per cent while the weekly infection rate has been recorded at 11.83 per cent. On January 1, the daily infection rate was 2.05 per cent and the weekly infection rate was 1.10 per cent.

11 times increase in new patients so far

The effect of the third wave is visible on every front of the corona infection. If we talk about January only, so far there has been an 11-fold increase in the number of new patients every day. According to the data of the ministry, 2,64,202 new patients have been found till Friday, whereas only 22,775 new cases were found on January 1.

Active cases increased from 0.30 to 3.48%

A rapid increase in new cases is also being seen in active cases. At present, active cases have increased to 12,72,073 which is the highest in 220 days and 3.48 per cent of the total cases. On January 1, active cases were 1,04,781 and only 0.30 per cent of the total cases remained.

Some relief in the case of deaths from Corona

The rapidly increasing number of infected in the third wave of the corona epidemic is frightening, but there is some relief in the cases of death. On the last day, 315 people have lost their lives. In the second wave i.e. in April-May last year, when more than two lakh new cases were being received daily, then more than one and a half thousand deaths were taking place every day. At present, there is a steady decline in the death rate which is currently 1.33 per cent.

Things can change with Omicron

The situation is also expected to change rapidly in the third wave due to Corona’s new variant Omicron. The main reason for this is the increasing cases of Omicron. In the last day, there has been an increase of 6.7 per cent in new cases and Omicron is believed to be the main reason for this. So far, a total of 5753 cases of Omicron have been found in the country.

Omicron variant in two thirds

Even though a total of 5753 cases of Omicron have been confirmed in the country so far, the truth is that more than two-thirds of the new cases are from this. Since the confirmation of Omicron is done only through genome sequencing and genome sequencing of all infected is not possible as it is a lengthy process. However, in all the cases for which genome sequencing is being done, two-thirds of them are found to have an Omicron variant.

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