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Red chilli is the same medicine for heart disease and cancer.

New Delhi: Staying healthy during the Corona period is nothing short of a big challenge. This requires special attention to health. According to experts, due to poor lifestyle, wrong diet, stress and anxiety in modern times, people have increased complaints of diabetes, obesity, insomnia, high blood pressure etc. Also, living in polluted environment has increased the risk of respiratory diseases. Regular and balanced diet, correct routines and workouts are essential to avoid these diseases. With these, not only can you stay healthy, but you can also increase your lifespan. If you also want to be healthy and live a long life, then definitely include red chili in your diet. A new research has revealed that regular consumption of red chilies increases lifespan. Let’s know-

In a virtual conference “Scientific Session 2020”, the American Heart Association (AHA) has certified through a research that regular chilli powder intake can lead to longer life. Cayenne pepper has antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and blood sugar controlling properties. Due to all these properties, the risk of heart diseases and cancer is reduced.

In this research, an in-depth study was done on the health report of 5 lakh 70 thousand people of America, Italy, China and Iran. This research found that people who consumed red pepper regularly. They were 26 percent less likely to die due to a heart problem and a 23 percent reduction in cancer mortality. While death rate was 25 percent in other diseases.

How cayenne is beneficial

Red chili is used to enhance the flavor. Red chilli is less than a boon for health. It contains capsaicin, which can help reduce inflammation and other harmful processes involved in the formation of dangerous fatty plaques (thick plaque) in the arteries. Red pepper also contains antioxidant carotenoids, which are very beneficial for health.

How to consume

12 to 15 grams of red chili should be consumed throughout the day. Consuming more than this can cause indigestion, burning sensation, abdominal pain and diarrhea. You can eat red chili by adding it to the salad. You can also add it to the vegetable.

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