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Know how many people infects with the new corona strain

The state government administration, together with the Delhi Police, has registered seven people who had arrived in Delhi from Great Britain a day before the SOP was implemented. They are quarantined in a five-star hotel in Aerocity. Your crown test will be done after seven days. Special vigilance is also kept on who comes into contact with these people. A total of 68 passengers who returned from Britain in Delhi have been quarantined at different locations. The people of Great Britain are still infected with corona after two weeks. Now, how and with whom these seven people came into contact, the police are trying to find out.

The Government of India implemented SOP after a new strain of Corona appeared in Britain. Subsequently, those arriving from Britain are detained in quarantine, who was sitting on the flight with Corona-infected passengers three seats up and three seats back. 56 passengers, who came into contact with Corona-infected passengers on the flight, are kept at the five-star Aloft Hotel in Aerocity. Hotel expenses are charged only to these passengers. Additionally, three passengers are kept in Saket and two in the Fatehpur Beri area.

A senior police officer at IGI airport said that people who came from Britain and came into contact with Corona were infected a day before the SOP took effect. Seven of those passengers have been searched at different locations in Delhi and held at the Aloft Hotel. Following this, the number of passengers who arrived and were quarantined from Britain at the Aloft Hotel was 63 on Friday night.
Micro-grouping adoption at the airport
IGP airport DCP Rajiv Ranjan said that the police are using all corona rescue methods. The Micro Grouping of the Police system is being explained to everyone. Under this system, the policeman, who is on duty, is sent home from there. The next day, instead of going to the police station, he would go directly to the point of service. The security of the Aloft Hotel has also been increased in partnership with the Delhi Civil Defense and Administration.

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