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Why Sound Therapy becoming popular in India!

Agartala: After a study by the US researchers revealed that allopathic drugs are harmful to the human body, more and more are opting for the substitutes and searching a non-drug cure for their problems especially cerebral issues.

Nowadays, people from across the world including India are heading towards options like yoga, meditation, mild exercise, dancing etc. to balance their daily life and avoid mental stress.

“One of the such most sought-after options in India is sound therapy that gives people mental relief without drugs,” said sound therapist Mohan Dhand.

Sound Therapist Mohan Dhand giving demonstration.

Sound therapy is a therapy in which we cure people with sound and waves, said Dhand, adding that actually, with the help of different size of ‘sound bowls’ we produce various kinds of sound which heal people from inside.

Dhand said: “The whole thing is about the vibration. As we know that music is the biggest healer, but everyone is not ready or prepared to listen to it every time. Hence, we suggest the sound therapy.”

The sound waves produce vibration in the body and mind, and deliver a sense of satisfaction and relief, he added.

A sound therapy event was recently organised in the Fitness Platinum Gym in Agartala, in which many locals participated.

“It actually works. Initially, I was reluctant to come but after attending the class I am feeling much better. Now, I am considering to continue with it,” said Sakshi, one of the participant.

Rupesh Kapoor, 34-year-old another participant, said: “As I don’t have time for daily exercise I am finding more suitable and would opt for it at least once in a week”.

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