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Horrible! 15 men rape two sisters for six days in Pakistan’s Faisalabad

By Hamza Ameer

Faisalabad: In a incident that has sent shock waves across Pakistan, two teenage girls in Punjab province were allegedly raped by at least 15 men for six days, after being kidnapped.

The horrific incident came to light after a complaint was filed on behalf of the victim’s mother, who stated that her two daughters aged 15 and 17, were kidnapped on September 11 by a group of persons.

She said that her daughters were taken to different locations, where they were raped by at least 15 men, and all this filmed.

“My daughters were taken to different locations for six days where they were gang-raped by the suspects… who intoxicated my daughters and took indecent photographs and recorded videos of them,” the police report quoted the mother as saying.

As per the First Information Report (FIR), the 15-year-old girl was dropped off at Faisalabad’s Jhang Bazar while her sister was left at Gujranwala before the suspects fled.

The victim’s mother also said that they could not take legal action against the suspects due to poverty, which was why they decided to leave their residence and settle somewhere else.

“We are poor people. We cannot fight them nor can we afford to pay for lawyers. So we have decided to leave our house here and go somewhere else,” said the mother.

Even after the girls had come back home, the suspects did not leave the family alone and continued to catcall and record videos of the sisters wherever they went.

“The two sisters were travelling with their mother on Millat Road six days ago when the suspects started recording videos of the girls again,” the police complaint stated.

“On being told not to do so, they assaulted the mother and her daughters before fleeing,” the complaint added.

The issue of gang-rape in Pakistan has become a serious challenge for the government as many cases of kidnapping and gang-rape have surfaced from all across the country, specially the Punjab province.

Recently, a mother with her two young children was assaulted, robbed and gang-raped by two suspects on the Lahore-Sialkot motorway, sparking widespread uproar across Pakistan.

Civil society groups have been protesting against the ongoing cases of rape and assault against females and have demanded the government to announce public hanging or chemical castration as punishment for the rapists.

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