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Iran’s issue will decide Israel’s relations with America in future: Netanyahu

Recently, Prime Minister Benjamin Bijanahu traveled to Saudi Arabia in a secrecy manner. He met Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Salman and US Secretary of State Mike Ponpio in the city of Niom, Saudi Arabia, according to permission media reports. He was also accompanied by the head of the Israeli intelligence agency Mausad during this period. Not only has Israel, nor Saudi Arabia nor the United States said anything on this meeting. But it is definitely hot in political circles to speculate about it. Professor AK Pasha of Jawaharlal Nehru, an expert on the politics of this region and America, considers Iran as the biggest reason behind this meeting. They believe that the meeting took place in view of America’s possible relationship with Iran and Saudi Arabia’s strategy towards Iran and Israel’s concern.

He said that Israel is suspicious of the future US government. This is because Bijenahu fears that the Biden government may renegotiate a nuclear deal with Iran or give the old agreement a new dimension. Both of these situations are not in favor of Israel. Vidyahu also fears whether Israel will get equal support in the coming US government. Let me tell you that there was a lot of closeness between Israel and America in the Trump administration. He had the support of the US government on most issues of permission. Questions about this in the new government are also putting a mark on the identity re-enactments of Israel and America.

Professor Pasha says that the recent visit of Bijanahu to Saudi Arabia was also a secret strategy on Iran.] He believes that Israel wants Saudi Arabia to come under pressure from the new US government in its policies towards Iran Do not make any changes of any kind. In turn, Israel has also assured Saudi Arabia not to go against them. Asked if there will be any deterioration in relations between Israel and the US in the coming days, Pasha said that the relationship between the two will not decline much.

He says that America has realized that if Iran is given more pressure then they can take adverse action. In such a situation, the situation will not be right for America. At the same time, this type of situation will not be right for the entire region and this will increase the chances of sparks. This is why the Trump administration backed down from attacking Iran’s nuclear bases. The US knows that in the event of an attack, it can play its nuclear weapons. Also, many plans of the UAE, which is another goal of the United States, may be lost. In some way even a small spark could cause a lot of havoc in the bay.

The US also fears that it is possible to put more pressure on Iran to become closer to China and Russia. Even if this happens, it will be a matter of concern for the US, the Chinese and China and Russia will get a big mandate against the US in such a situation and it will also be successful in selling arms to Iran. It is also necessary to tell you here that Iran has increased its nuclear capacity after September from America.

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