Manish Sisodia attacks Centre from jail

A day after being remanded by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in connection with the liquor scam and money laundering case, Manish Sisodia, former Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi and senior leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), launched a scathing attack on the central government from jail. He said that he can be caused hardship by being put in jail, but his spirit cannot be broken.”

According to the information, Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court had sent Sisodia to ED remand until March 17 on Friday. The ED had sought Sisodia’s remand to uncover a conspiracy in which he allegedly earned Rs 290 crore through crime. ED had arrested Sisodia on Thursday in a money laundering case related to Delhi’s excise policy.

In a tweet from Manish Sisodia’s official Twitter handle on Saturday, it was written, “Sir, you can trouble me by putting me in jail, but you cannot break my spirit. English gave freedom to freedom fighters even in difficult times, but their spirit did not break – message from Manish Sisodia from jail.”

Yesterday, the court allowed the ED to question the ‘AAP’ leader in custody. The ED had requested 10 days of custody for Sisodia. The ED alleges that Sisodia conspired with others to create a fraudulent excise policy to earn over 290 crores as ‘bribe and earnings from crime’. The ED also claimed in court that Sisodia destroyed his phone, which is a crucial piece of evidence in the investigation. The ED’s lawyer accused Sisodia of giving false statements about the ‘scam’ and wanting to discover the modus operandi of the accused and confront them with other accused.

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