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Behavioural techniques to achieve remote goal by Govind Bhadu

govind bhadu
By Govind Bhadu

Research shows that a positive attitude improves your chances of success, accelerates your progress and makes you more resilient – all of which can help you avoid obstacles and stay on track of achieving goals

1. Identifying the ‘WHY’ is crucial

Setting goals just for the sake of setting goals will result in failure. It is for this reason that all New Year’s Resolutions fail. Thus, we must devise a clear purpose and attach it to our goals if we are to achieve the desired outcomes. Our focus should be on why we are creating these goals and how they will benefit us. It is the ‘WHY’ behind our goals that will enable us to get through the struggle of achieving them.

2. Implement a SMART system

SMART goals should be familiar to anyone who has googled ‘goal-setting’. Just to refresh your memory. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Timebound goals. If you create your goals within this system, you will increase your chances of success.

3. Make a mental note of your goals, as well as writing them down

Setting and writing down goals are essential for success, according to every credible source I’ve found. Writing down your goals has a greater psychological impact than saying that you will do something. It increases our chances of achieving them.

4. Collaborative efforts

Building a community around a goal keeps us accountable, motivates us, and provides support when we struggle to achieve it. To keep you accountable, your spouse, your best friend, and your mentor are your best choices. Online sharing is also a possibility.

5. Split them into Short Targets

It is very important to break down goals into manageable short targets. Split your annual goals into weekly and monthly targets. Choose one or two days during the week to complete those little goals. This is how, every passing day will bring you closer to your annual goals.

6. Reassess your goals regularly

Review of your goals is extremely important. I review mine every week.. At the end of every month, I reset my monthly goals. Reviewing them regularly helps us remain focused on what we’re trying to accomplish. Likewise, if we have a bad month or week, we can adjust accordingly. Just like looking at a map while driving.

7. Don’t doubt your abilities

The final one is very important. Never doubt your abilities. Have a belief. Believing in yourself is possible after you have planned all your goals. Now that you have completed the planning process, you know you can achieve your goals.

You will be able to achieve your set goals using these behavioral techniques. You just need to plan, prepare, and know your purpose. If you are setting your goals, ensure that you keep this thought in mind. In order to achieve our goals, we must fervently believe in and act on a plan. In any other case, success will elude us.”

(The author is an entrepreneur & inspirational speaker)

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