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Besides Aarogya app, a device that tracks COVID-19

Besides Aarogya app, a device that tracks corona

Besides Aarogya app, a device that tracks corona

New Delhi: Countries around the world are implementing measures to slow the spread of the coronavirus, from national quarantines to school closures. More than a third of the planet’s population is under some form of restriction. The World Health Organization, which has officially declared the outbreak a pandemic, has called on “all countries to continue efforts that have been effective in limiting the number of cases and slowing the spread of the virus.” The coronavirus pandemic has affected the usual functionality of government bodies. Law & Order has been modified keeping mind the current situation Pandemic.

Watch how the device works

Many cities facing one of its worst-ever public health crises in recent history in the form of the COVID-19 the outbreak, is considering drastic measures like complete stoppage of the local suburban train and bus services. Today, in this novel coronavirus situation, many are undergoing mental disturbance & stress. Specifically talking about people who have been quarantined or isolated. For the life safety of people, government & health authorities are keeping people in Government Organized Isolation Wards or Quarantined Centers.

But people there are feeling distressed and trying to move out of restricted areas. In order to monitor & track the location of isolated & quarantined people, we have proposed a solution using the well-known technology concept of connectivity & communication.

Device that can track and monitor quarantined people

Ashhar Ahmed & colleagues Vamsi Krishna, Akbar Ali, have done the prototyping of the proposed solution. In this solution, there will be two devices. One Master Device & Other Slave Device. Master Device will have any wireless technology standard & GSM Module along with Micro Controller. They have used Bluetooth Technology as our Wireless Technology Standard. Slave Device will have a wireless technology standard, microcontroller & GPS Module installed in it.

Besides Aarogya app, a device that tracks corona
A device that tracks corona

Technique and Functionality behind this device

Now coming to the functionality part of it, the slave device will be installed with the patient. It can be formulated in the form of Wrist Watch (With proper locking mechanism so that patient will not be able to remove it easily) having Bluetooth & GPS Technology. This slave device will always be with the patient. And Master Device having GSM & Bluetooth Module will be installed in isolation ward or quarantined room where the patient is being kept. So now there will be communication between master & slave devices.

Watch how the device works

As the Patient goes anywhere away from the quarantined centre or isolation ward, the communication between master & slave device will get disconnected. As a result, the master device will alert through a buzzer & emergency light along with an SMS to the admin via its GSM module. Once Admin receives an alert message then they can act accordingly. Also, Admin can track the location of the patient since the GPS Module is installed in the Slave Device of the patient. This is a proposed solution which can be iteration & upgraded to monitor & track the isolated & quarantined cases of Covid19.

Batter solution to prevent COVID-19

The proposed solution is to benefit the authorities taking care of Quarantine Centers or Isolation Wards. It has been reported that people under quarantine or isolation are moving here & there outside their quarantine Center/Isolation Ward Zone. And many are trying to escape from isolation/quarantine. So it is becoming difficult to personally monitor each & every patient 24*7.

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This solution will virtually monitor the patient under quarantine. As mentioned, there will be two major devices being used in this solution. One is Master Device & other is Slave. Master Device will be installed in Quarantine Room/Isolation Ward. And Slave device will be always locked with the patient. As soon as the patient moves out of his defined area/zone, Admin or Authorities will get an alarm sound along with SMS alert.

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So they can easily come to know which patient is trying to move out or trying to escape. And as slave device is equipped with GPS Technology & is locked with Patient, so Patients live GPS location can be tracked.

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