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Bitraser : A software to erase your crucial data

Gurgaon | Evolution in technology has made Deleting data a part and parcel of our life. Almost everyday, our one click deletes the unwanted material we wish to get rid of. Sounds like a an easy affair, just selection and deletion, that’s the end of story. But have we ever thought that might not be the end, but just the beginning of a horror story.

History bears the testimony to this fact, when on multiple occasion, millions of dollars have been siphoned illegally due to data leak. More horrifying it gets, when we hear the news of a girl in UP committing suicide, after her intimate pictures started to make rounds far and wide social media. Her only fault was to resort to the conventional style of deleting via restoring factory settings before selling her mobile phone.

Factory setting restoration won’t work

The art and science of Restore Factory Setting does not comply with the methods it claims to, in fact, just opens new unknown horizons of data leak, wherein, the data assumed by us to be deleted, not only can be recovered, but also misused.“Pictures, videos and other things can still be recovered from a mobile phone after restoring factory setting. In factory setting restoration it just cuts the path from the index and the data remains in the device,” said Manoj Dhingra, Director of Stellar.

But can we do anything about it?

Maybe we have never bothered is why we never thought about this question. Well Bit raiser, is all you need for a stress free separation with your device. A specially designed software, to permanently delete all the data from your device before you sell it or hand it over to someone else, ensuring not only peace of mind but safety as well. 

What is BitRaser? 

BitRaser file eraser is a software that is capable to erase data – images, videos, doc files, PDFs etc. — from any device such as mobile phones, laptops, desktops, internal or external hard disks, pen drives and even micro SD cards. The software completely wipes data and ensures that sensitive information does not fall in wrong hands when devices are disposed of, recycled or sold. 

How does it work? 

BitRaser works as an external tool to remove data from any device. It can be stored in a pen drive and connected with a laptop or desktop to ensure risk-free handover. The same process will work on mobile phones.

In  pursuit of accuracy while deleting data from both IOS and Android, Bitraser, puts the devices functionality to test, by performing over 30 assisted and automated tests. Further it generates all-inclusive reports incorporating each minute detail, like the device model, IMEI number, capacity, grading and so on. From maintaining a repository  of the reports on the cloud to customizing the report design layout as per requirement, BitRaser leave no stone unturned when it comes to services.  This data erasure solution is capable of erasing up to 254 hard drives with one-go, with successful erasure of hidden ares and helps users to comply with Global data privacy laws such as EU GDPR, GLB, SOX, HIPPA etc.

Who can use? 

Both businesses and individuals can use it to ensure data security and privacy. 

Where to buy and what is the price? 

The product comes with both physical delivery as well as electronic delivery. BitRaser ver3.0 is available at all leading IT retail outlets and online stores at starting price of $20 for single count and can also be purchased from company’s official website

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