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CorePeelers – A journey to your core (Book Synopsis) 

Published by: Penmanbooks

Authored by: Achal M. Sharma ‘AC’         

 In this fast-paced world of technological advancements and demanding social pressures, the human race is further getting away from their own self. Since the connection between the body, mind and core is most of the time in a state of misalignment, unfiltered data sent to the brain through the five senses also then leads to chaos in brain. We are grateful to our scientists for the world they have given us, however with each technological development where on one side comfort and convenience are increasing, on the other our resulting dependencies are making us lazier and more indifferent to our own selves. The human mind in today’s time is so preoccupied that it does not even have time to know about its own self. Since you still know very little about yourself, you become dependent on the outer world -people and technology- to solve all your problems. Can anybody know or feel your problems better than you? Can anybody else provide you with the right solution? They can, but wouldn’t that solution be dependent on their own learnings or experiences? Don’t you think only you can provide yourself with the best solution to all your problems? How can that be done?

One is born with immense powers as an individual however as the child grows to become an adult, there are multiple layers that have been put upon the child by the parents, religion, culture, society, friends and peers. This make him get distanced from his core. CorePeelers – a journey to your core, is an experiential   book, with a methodology which helps to De-layer, Discover, and De-Code the lost Core within an individual. It empowers an individual to make him stronger in all facets of his existence on this planet and beyond.

The book deals with making one aware of his own body, his own thoughts and his energy flow system. Unlike other self-help books of the same genre there are no high-level preaching and teachings in this book. It not only asks challenging questions but also provides workable and practical methods to help one explore his own solutions.

As the name suggests, this book helps reader to identify and understand multiple layers that influence his thoughts and actions. It further helps him to engage with his influencing layers by understanding his own body and mind. The subject of dealing with one’s own self has always been a difficult one, as people have always been told since ages various methods and techniques to explore themselves. This book raises a very pertinent question that – Is it really possible to explore one’s own inner self without having a complete understanding of his outer self. The outer self is one’s own body and mind which constitutes in thoughts and actions.

The book has been articulately and methodically divided into three parts:

  1. Understand your body and mind: This section deals with making one identify his/her influencing layers, identify and know his body and mind
  2. Engage with your body and mind: A subtle shift from understanding to engaging with your body, mind using your energy flow system is being dealt in the second section.
  3. Connect and empower your core: This section of the book takes the reader into his/her deeper realms of connecting with their core and empowering it.


Right from the first breath to till date of a individual, whatever he/ she has learnt has been through the 5 senses. This book raises some mind-boggling questions to the reader like – Do you know which one of your 5 senses is dominant in you? This type of question and many others raise a great sense of inquisitiveness in one’s mind. This book helps the individual in an experiential way to identify his/her dominant sense. It doesn’t stop there, as it further helps individuals to explore their energy flow system and use the dominant sense organ to be successful in life.

This book can be of great help to any person who is seeking to achieve something in life – wanting to be successful, wanting to solve personal or professional issues – or seeking peace and satisfaction.

The hallmark of this book is that it has easy formulae to some big words like – Focus, Success, Resolution, Will Power, etc. This makes the book very interesting and usable for life long lessons.

This book does a great job of explaining why our lives function the way they do and gives specific directions and exercises which allow us to make changes which positively affect our lives, health and relationships with others. Reading is one thing, but the real benefit will come from doing the exercises on a consistent basis. This book has the ability to make a significant impact on you personally – and the global society in general.



  • “Do not force things onto yourself, not force yourself into things”– AC


  • “The child is one of the purest form of nature. You need to find the child inside you and connect with it. To do so you may want to connect with the child with understanding, aligning and empowering your five senses and three energy forms to connect with your core.”


  • “Do you know your influencing layers?How you react to a situation in life is heavily dependent on your influencing layers, hence it becomes very important for you to understand what are the different influencing layers on you? How are these influencing layers affecting your daily life? Why is it important for you to understand them? Why should you always be cognizant of them?”


  • “Secondary information being fed to your mind through indirect influencing layers is a multiple-layer system which has thickened over thousands of years based on the experiences of your forefathers and human civilization. What was relevant then may not be relevant today, yet age-old cultures and belief systems are being injected into you from the moment you are born. Is it really good for you to follow those practices without even assessing their value to you?”


  • “Isn’t it funny that your material body defines your existence in this world and you still may not have a complete understanding of it? All humans have similar anatomy, so saying you know your body is dependent on the information you have acquired about the human anatomy, but understanding the body and its function is a subject of direct experience and introspection. Two different human bodies can react in two different ways if put under similar conditions. Understanding your body and its functioning is of paramount importance to achieve the success you desire.”


  • “The mind cannot remain with one sense organ for a very long period of time, and if it does it is called concentration. Why is the mind so restless? Some say the mind produces around 60,000 thoughts per day, while others give a number of 90,000 per day. Considering that each individual thinks differently, it is good to give a range of between 60,000 and 90,000. That is a lot of work by the brain,…”


  • “The cause of all expectations are your influencing layers and the fodder for these influencing layers comes from your five senses. Hence, the five senses become the root cause of all your thoughts and related actions.”


  • “Energy is the only live force in this universe. Energy and its origination is the same everywhere, whether inside your body, on this planet, or out in the universe. Energy originates from the nucleus of an atom, binds the electrons, and forms the matter. Its flow and interaction within the matter and outside with other matter defines the form and type of it.”


  • “If you are aware of your energy forms, you can also practice flowing the form of energy into the senses as the three energy forms work in conjunction with the flow of energy. If you flow the energy form you are strongest at, you are bound to get more success…”


  • “The strength of the loaded willpower decides the power of the resolution and its subsequent action, and the strength of the connection between your emotional body and core decides the might of the willpower…”


  • “Increasing the focus and totality of the mind by decreasing the quantity of doubt results in powerful thoughts and actions. Insights derived by those thoughts and actions are also powerful. Influencing layers act in a very subtle manner and sit inside your mind as information, insights, and a strong belief system. The moment you have an experience and information is received by your brain, the first thing the brain does is start to relate that information with the available data in your influencing layers, and just before you are about to decide upon a thought or action, it creates doubt, which is the result of that relativity produced at brain level. This doubt is a big deterrent for your resolution and willpower. Your core is the owner of your willpower, so the stronger the willpower, the stronger the quality and focus of energy released from core.”


  • If the resolution is made at a relative level, the deliverable will also be at a relative level and the chances of it being deprived of the real truth are very high. This will take you away from your goal of success, prosperity, and happiness.

Success Criteria = (Your aspiration – influencing layer) + Happiness + Strong Willpower

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