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Delhi’s air pollution level remains 20 times higher than standard these days

New Delhi : People of the capital Delhi are facing the worst phase of pollution these days. Earlier this year, where pollution had reached the lowest level due to lockdown, these days the level of pollution is breaking all its records. Ever since the lockdown has been lifted, pollution levels have been steadily increasing.

It was registering an increase since the month of October, now the level of pollution has reached many times more than its standard. In such a situation, people are facing all kinds of problems. It has become clear that senior citizens are being advised to stay in their house in such a season that they can be protected.

Doctors in the capital say that these days the air quality index in the capital is continuously running on the scale of 500 and 400. Looking at the government data shows that there is no significant reduction in them. Fine particles of dust (PM2.5) are causing cardiovascular and respiratory diseases including lung cancer and pose a special risk for people with COVID 19.
Honorary General Secretary of the Indian Medical Association Asokan said that air pollution has made people vulnerable to coronovirus infection. PM2.5 (fine particles of dust) reach the inside of the body through the nose and damage the inner parts of the lungs. It is also being said that these fine particles of dust are also helpful in spreading coronovirus infection.

Doctors and researchers around the world have reported a link between pollution and deaths in patients whose lungs are weakened by corona virus infection. Official figures show that the level of PM2.5 (fine particles of dust) on Monday was 20 times higher than the World Health Organization’s safe limit. November is the longest time of such heavy pollution after five days 2016 with AQI above 400 level. November is usually the worst month for pollution in the whole of North India as farmers burn starch (stalks) in their fields and the cold weather causes pollution.

Given this level of pollution, now doctors have also expressed the possibility that after Diwali it will increase in a big way. Although the NGT is talking about banning firecrackers, but how much effect it will have, it will be a matter to be seen. The National Green Tribunal has banned the sale and use of fireworks in 20 million people and neighboring cities from Monday to December 1 but some people will inevitably ignore the order. The court also asked the authorities to curb air pollution from all sources, given the possibility of increased COVID-19. Pollution in Delhi is caused by the burning of factories, vehicles and garbage, along with the burning of stub.

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