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Know your Heroscope 2021: Libra Yearly Horoscope 2021

Libra zodiac: Move well, give importance to the function

For the people of the Libra zodiac, the year 2021 will pass through the influence of Shani Laghukalyani Dhaiya. If many activities are auspicious, then in many cases, problems will still be encountered. It will be a year of rapid change. Swachkshriti Shani’s Laghukalyani Dhaiya will be in fourth place of happiness with the iron saw. Equipment and vehicles will be happy, advanced and prestigious, useful, down to parental health, relocated, secret enemies will remain, have lights problems in circulation, children may suffer. From the beginning of the year before April 5 and from September 14 to November 2, Guru will still be crossing the lower zodiac in the fourth place, because this will be reduced. low in happiness, poverty for mothers, loss of money, problems in work-business, family stress. From April 5 to 14 September and from 20 November to 13 April 2022, Guru will visit the fifth place, this will complete the work, profitable, promotion In the workplace, Manglik Utsav, accomplished in hard work in education, worries of children, falls in the father’s health.

Changes in the financial system will remain
Transportation from Rahu in eight places from the beginning of the year to 12 April will lead to changes in the economy, physical stress, travel problems, inadequate pressure, and negative condition. By staying in Ketu second place, eye infections and suspensions will be made.

Luck may return
Arriving on Mars in the seventh and eighth house until 14 April, there will be a drop in engagement, differences with siblings, problems for children, problems in married life. In the Mangal Navam site from April 14 to June 2 will be rewarded according to hard work, distribution by relatives, luck will struggle. Emergency relief will not be a problem from June 2 to September 5, on the eleventh Mars, financial planning will be completed, job-dignity will increase, land, construction will be able to start. Transportation from Mars in the first place from September 5 to December 4 and in the first place will harm the health of the spouse, blood loss, spending. in meaningless work, differences with family members, problems for children.

Measurement of the year
Worshipping Shani this year will all be rewarding. Visit Shani Dog on Saturday, feed Shani. Work for the poor, the lame, the lepers.

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