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Know Your Heroscope 2021: Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2021

Pisces: Happiness is less

It is in Pisces’s best to have Saturn replace XI in 2021. Accept personal belongings, increase in luck, profitability, have a happy marriage, have success in work, complete in thoughtful work, proficient in work related to machinery, metal, and stone, will remain a servant. If the dangerous Saturn would not be strong then the above fun would be declining.

There will be mang work at home
From 5 April 2021 and further from 14 September to 20 November, transition into a lower lord zodiac will be successful in education, children are happy, financial recovery, hope clear in work, interest in work faith, hostile destruction, quit work, at home, there will be Manglik work. It did a good job loading in the Rahu III and Ketu 9 locations from 12 April. Pride, bravery, increase in strength, immediate benefits, good fortune, advancement in work, support of brothers and sisters, cooperation with friends, drugs enemies will win

The family is not happy
From April 5 to 14 September and from 20 November to 13 April 2022, the crossing to Guru Twelfth will cause problems in marriage, conflict, have prestige, financial hardship, mental illness, depression in the business district, differences with friends in Swarashistha Mangal 2nd place to 22nd February will bring good results. Success in education, ophthalmology, increased income, bitter speech, decreased family happiness, controversy, economics will affect. On the third Mars from 22 February to 14 April will be a brave, fortunate, happy brother, free from immediate adversity, advancement, reputation, business-to-business, profitable. In Mangal IV-V from 14 April to 20 July, there will be debates about inheritance, stress for mothers, stress at work, set problems in family life, uncleanness in health.

From July 20 to September 5, held in the sixth house of Mars, Shaturnash, was successful in the important works. From September 5 to December 4, Mars will cross to seven and eight places, it will not be a success. There will be no happy marriages, lost money, conflicts in partnerships, financial problems.

Measurement of the year
Introduce the mantras of Jupiter. Feed yellow fruits, sweets to Jupiter.

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