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Know Your Heroscope in 2021: Aquarius Yearly Horoscope 2021

Aquarius: It will be a year of ups and downs

The first half-century Saturni of Aquarius will be with a metal bar on the forehead. Starting from 20 January 2020, this data will continue until 29 April 2022. During this period, business, labor, disruption of work, poor spending, problems, Spouse life, and children will suffer, the disease itself, loss of money, the mother will suffer. If Saturn is strong in the horoscope, there will be a decrease in the negative.

The enemy will increase
From the first year beginning before 5 April and from September 14 to 20 November, the economic downturn, the impact of education, the rise in the enemy, no production currency, ignoring the shame, separation of son and daughter due to visiting Dwadshsh place of the lower Rashishtha Guru. And the exit of the wastage. In the first house of Jupiter from April 5 to September 14 and November 20 to April 13, 2022, will reduce gurukrit inauspiciousness, will give you happiness in marriage, children have good high, happy. Continuing to work will contribute to the growth of the job and the industry. There will be skepticism in completing some tasks.

Mars will be in four-five houses
By living in Rahu IV and Ketu Tenth in a whole year, the parents will suffer, not be happy, just have some misery. Complaints about equipment, failure of education, unemployment will remain. In the third place of Swarashistha Mars from the beginning of the year until 22 February will lead to freedom from modern events, increase in effort, increase prestige, hope clear in work-in-business, hostile and escalating. From 22 February to 2 June, Mars will be in the fourth-fifth house.

The conditions are not good
There can be physical differences, diseases, family conflicts, product conflicts. Staying in the 6th house from June 2 to July 20 will result in the benefits of wealth, hostility, disease. From July 20 to October 21, a visit to the seventh-seventh location of Mars will result in a difference between husband and wife, non-cooperation, conflict in action. work, negative. Dad’s health is deteriorating.

Measurement of the year
Guru and Shani have been sexy in years.

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