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Know your Heroscope in 2021: Sagittarius Yearly Horoscope 2021

Sagittarius: You will be successful as a result of hard work

The last shadow of Saturn as the half-century of Sagittarius will be on the whole year of silverware. The Dhaiya, which runs from 24 January 2020, will continue until 29 April 2022. Life will change due to its effect. The harder you work, the more results will be achieved. There will be no happiness, no family misery, no financial hardship, no physical illness. From 5 April and from September 14 to 20 November, by staying in the lower zodiac guru second place, as the passion for the work industry, achievement, has Prosperity, increase in prestige, children are happy, debt will develop. If the Guru is not strong in the horoscope, then there will be a decrease in auspicious benefits. Weak fruits will be harvested from April 5 to September 14 and from November 20 to April 13, in Guru Tirtha will receive home-grown, child-rearing benefits. happiness, involvement in work, parental frustration, financial dissatisfaction. If the Guru is the strongest in the horoscope, then there will be a decrease in the probability.

Happiness will diminish
Rahu’s relocation in the sixth house at the beginning of the year before April 12, may lead to hatred, increase in a business area, profitability, win-win against the enemy, loss to immediate health, trouble from the mother. In the twelfth position of Ketu can cause constipation, eyesight, unhappiness, migration from birth.

Because there will be seven houses, there will be quarrels between husband and wife.
In the fifth place from Mars swarashi until 22 February will be intellectual, academic achievement, earn money from unfair work, travel can not, the anxiety of health, anger will increase. If Mars were in the sixth house from February 22 to April 14, there would be a downfall, there would be an advantage, the enemy would be defeated. From March 14th to July 20th, Mars will be in the seventh-eighth house, there will be quarrels between husband and wife, there will be happy marital discord, there will be quarrels -loss in the position of joints, problems in the position, blood pressure, loss of capital. In Mangal site nine from 20 July to 5 September will not help luck, all work will be stuck, money crisis will remain. On the 11th Mars from September 5 to December 4 will be very rewarding. This time will be better for everyone. More fun will grow.

Measurement of the year
The last days of Saturn half a year are going. Worship will be won by worshiping Shani Dev.

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