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Know your Heroscope in 2021: Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2021

Scorpio: Years to old

For the Scorpio zodiac sign, Saturn will change year-round in the third place, which is very prosperous and auspicious. Increase age and health, increase in the ability to complete productive jobs, increase employment and economy, enemies will fail, jobs will increase. From 5 April and from 14 September to 20 November, Guru will still be in the third position in the lower house, will benefit from hard work in the industry, home Poverty, loss of children, happiness, homelessness. From April 5 to 14 September and from 20 November to 13 April 2022, visit the Guru IV site will cause stress to the mother, home conflicts, business interventions, mental health problems.

Important tasks
Throughout the year Rahu VII and Ketu will be in the first place, there will be problems in happy marriages, involvement in injustices, loss of cooperation, including removal, illness business, fortunes of children will be established in the sixth place on Mars of Swarashi until February 22 will be good for health, enemies will be defeated, success in court, important work has to be done.

Get a job promotion
From February 22 to June 2, Mars will cross into the eighth or eighth place, because of that there will be problems in married life, mental problems, fear of fire. In the space of Mars from June 2 to July 20, there will be turmoil. Fate affected, work will stop for a while, work industry will be affected. Good results will be available from 20 July to 21 October by staying in Tue X-X. New jobs will start to grow, there will be more efficiency, productivity will increase, productivity will increase.

It will be a waste of time
From October 21 to December 4, a visit to Mars Dwadash will lead to healthier, more differentiated relationships, less spending, less blood, The enemy will suffer.

Measurement of the year
Give peace to Rahu and Guru. For Rahu, feed the dogs regularly. Feed black cow grass. Feed the rice to yellow. Keep it Thursday fast.

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