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Joy of minimalism

Yogi Himanshu
By Yogi Himanshu

Living in the present moment perhaps can be the greatest gift of life. But there is no dearth of distractions that do not let us enjoy the beauty of it. The excess of thoughts centred around ‘what happened in past’ and ‘what will happen in future’ leave our mind restless and cluttered.

Yoga encourages one to stay in the present moment and weed out thoughts and patterns that are no longer relevant. Letting go can be challenging for the mind that craves for connection and attachment. But continuing to be in a mesh of unproductive thoughts could make one unhappy and lead a life without a purpose.

Many a time, you may find yourself in a grip of sadness, mood swings, and negative thoughts just because you are not getting a chance to process your emotions – happy or sad. The sheer volume of everything happening around us can be overwhelming and leave our brains in a hyperactive state. Because of not being able to feel an emotion in totality and absorbing it, dissatisfaction continues to grow inside, manifesting in craving for external things. Similarly, in a house full of things mostly that do not have a purpose, even objects with utility remain unnoticed as one cannot make an appropriate choice.

In a day packed with too many activities, we often miss the one that is the most important. Similarly, if a person has too many friends, true friends do not get their due. Sorting may take some time, but the end result always gives joy.

Minimalism is thus an important part of yoga.  The minimalism of thoughts and things around us leaves space for things that really matter and takes one ahead in the spiritual journey. De-cluttering your house and getting rid of things you do not require anymore is as important as clearing unwanted thoughts from your mind. Simplifying the thought process and not focusing on things that bring pain and misery leads to lesser accumulation of negative thoughts. Fewer things in home means more space and lesser complications to fuss about keeping it hygienic and clean. The lesser you have in your mind and your life, the more joy it gives you.

Meditation and Yoga asanas help you stay centred and choose a life that is most ideal for you. Our nature is unique to us and doing things according to our true nature brings us happiness. For realizing our true nature, it is important to practice meditation. Certain toxic patterns and lifestyle can be attributed to peer pressure and family influence. Understanding inner self is crucial in getting rid of habits that do not suit one’s true nature.

In essence, simplifying ourselves can make life much easier and beautiful for us.

(Yogi Himanshu is founder of Himalayan Yoga Association, Rishikesh)

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