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Make yoga a part of your office routine

By Yogi Himanshu

It is generally recommended to practice yoga asanas in open and airy spaces for maximum benefits. But keeping in mind today’s fast-paced routines, certain asanas can be customized to suit the office environment. Yoga or meditation can be highly beneficial during work hours as it reduces stress, calms nerves, sets the body posture correct and increases productivity.

Even doing it for smaller durations can bring loads of mental and physical health benefits. It also helps you relax and prevents overstimulation of mind. Small breaks of 10-15 minutes can be incorporated in between office hours to do the asanas even while sitting at your workstation. From neck movements, to forward body bends, many poses can be practiced while in sitting position.

Years of leading a sedentary lifestyle stiffens muscles and affects the natural immunity of the body. This inactivity of body can result in many lifestyle diseases like diabetes, cardiac issues, hypertension among other illnesses. Even small spurts of movements can go a long way in improving the overall well being.

Body posture is an important part of Yoga and while doing office work, we tend to ignore it. We also accumulate stress unknowingly in many body parts that manifests in aches and muscular pains. By keeping in mind our posture and moving the body for the right duration and at right angles, these problems can be avoided. The fatigue that one may feel after a stressful day at work can be handled very effectively through yoga. With fresh mind and active body, milestones can be achieved much rapidly as compared to a tired mind and fragile body.

Similarly, meditation can be practised from time to time while sitting at your desk or any other space available during office hours. Small sessions of meditations and breathing can be quite therapeutic as one can clear the mind of all the clutter that tends to cloud the mental space. With clear mind, one can be more productive at work and even more successful.

Due to all the work pressure and the stress created by it, one also takes it back home and spill it on the other family members. This may result in strained relationships which could leave one with lesser joy and happiness in life. To avoid bringing the leftover work and stress from the office space, it’s important to centre oneself and create boundaries in mind. A more peaceful and stress-free environment can be created both at work and home with the help of yoga asanas.

(Yogi Himanshu is founder of Himalayan Yoga Association, Rishikesh)

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