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Paras Healthcare Rams up Preparedness for COVID 19; Scales up Tele-Consultation Services across 8 Hospitals

Video consultation demand skyrocketed by 30 percent at Paras Healthcare

Covid 19 treatment will be included in Ayushman Bharat scheme

New Delhi: – Leading healthcare provider Paras Healthcare has launched open teleconsultation services at all of its hospitals across India with the aim of allowing more patients to seek medical advice from the safety of their homes as the country closes. to prevent the spread of the Covid outbreak 19.

Paras Group of hospitals in Gurugram, Patna, Darbhanga, Panchkula and Ranchi actively offer teleconsultations to patients seeking medical opinions for a wide variety of ailments, including suspected COVID 19 cases that require quarantine monitoring.

Paras Healthcare is also working to increase its preparedness for the impending increase in COVID 19 cases by initiating a series of measures, such as acquiring adequate safety and protective equipment for doctors, ventilators, as well as creating isolation rooms.

“In light of the Covid 19 outbreak, we have opened teleconsultation services at all of our 8 hospitals in the country. This will work to reduce overcrowding in hospitals and will ensure that a considerable number of patients needing medical care for different health conditions do not need to visit hospitals at this critical time. In fact, demand for our teleconsultation services soared 30% last week as more and more people try to stay home. To ensure faster accessibility, we have increased the number of executives who manage our telemedicine helplines, and we have also strategically co-opted physicians’ time to ensure faster availability, ”said Dr. Shankar Narang, director of operations for For Healthcare.

Patients seeking medical help include virtually several people with flu-like symptoms that overlap with the symptoms of Covid 19. The symptoms of such patients are carefully evaluated and they are advised to monitor their temperature and alert clinicians at should symptoms worsen.

Among the measures initiated to increase the preparedness of hospitals to face any eventuality, the administration is training medical personnel and doctors to be aware of the guidelines to follow in the treatment of patients with Covid-19.

“We have trained our medical personnel and physicians to be ready to follow the protocols required in treating patients with Covid 19. We are also procuring the necessary supplies of protective equipment and equipment for our physicians and medical personnel to ensure their safety. With the recently announced NHA decision, we have also included COVID-19 treatment in the Ayushman Bharat scheme in the Darbhanga unit, ”added Dr. Narang.

The organization advises patients to increasingly seek virtual consultations and visit hospitals only in cases of medical emergencies. A large part of the patients have moved to the virtual consultation route in which we are also insisting that people search for consultations by video and teleconsultation through our Paras Health Mate application designed only for this. Video consultation is done through the app, i.e. the Paras Health-mate app, where the tele and video consultation options are available, in which the healthcare consultant actively provides a consultation base about Disponibility.

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