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Airline fare may increase three times after lockdown, prepare for Social Distancing

Airline fare may increase three times after lockdown

Airline fare may increase three times after lockdown, prepare for Social Distancing

New Delhi: The aviation sector is suffering a lot due to the lockdown imposed across the country due to Corona virus. Meanwhile, there is news that for the first few days of the lockdown opening, there may be a triple jump in airfare. This is because the number of passengers can be reduced to maintain social distancing, due to which airfare is also likely to increase.

According to the media report, in the first phase of re-operation of the air flight, Aviation Authorities is considering allowing only one person to sit in a row of three seats.

Apart from this, the passenger sitting behind will be seated on the opposite seat, such as a window, a first seat and then another passenger will be on the window seat.

An official said that the seating capacity in the 180-seater single corridor will be reduced by two-thirds, ie 60-seater, in which the 30-row corridor will be allowed to seat only two passengers in a six-seat RAW. Airlines will compensate for the loss caused by reducing the number of passengers by increasing fares by one to one and half times.

According to the report, a senior official said that given the width of the seat, there could not be enough social distancing to follow an empty seat between two passengers. It is hoped that due to the spread of corona over time, the deteriorated conditions will recover again. Also, the criteria being adopted during the social distancing journey will be reduced gradually.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is preparing the Flight Restoration Plan, which will be implemented after the government allows it after the lockdown. After getting permission from the government, all kinds of security arrangements will be made at the airports. From the entry gate to the check-in counter, security check, immigration counter and boarding gates at the airport, a distance of 1.5 meters will be followed from the passengers.

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