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Aligarh News: A young man lost his life in suspicion of missing woman

The police investigation, which was looking for a young woman who had been missing for 10 days from the Quarsi police station area, went into darkness on Monday. The young man, suspected by the police, died in Delhi by hanging. When the body came to Aligarh, the family made a noise. However, the police explained to him and calmed the relatives. Now the police are looking for a young woman in a new place. At the same time, the reasons for the young man’s suicide are ascertained.

This is the case

It happened that a girl from Deoria lived next to her maternal grandparents in an area of ​​the Quarsi police station here. The girl disappeared on the night of December 23. On December 24, police began an investigation into an unknown case. The needle of suspicion about the details of the girl’s call revolved around Gaurav, 26, a resident of Sunder Chandian, who currently lived in the Chandni Chowk area of ​​Delhi. The girl’s relatives also criticized Gaurav. Police interrogated Gaurav before that. Gaurav told police that the woman came to Delhi on December 24. But on the morning of the 24th, he had left her in the Aligarh. There is no information about that. Police asked Gaurav to come to Aligarh and give a statement. However, Gaurav’s suicide was reported on Monday. When the body came here, relatives were outraged that they should act on the young side. However, the police pacified the case. Gaurav worked at a clothing store right in Chandni Chowk. CO Anil Samania said the girl is wanted. The girl’s relatives raised suspicions about the young man. But the young man committed suicide.

The girl lived in the temple for five days

The police investigation showed that between December 24 and 29, the girl lived in a temple on Ramghat Road. The woman guarding the temple told the woman that Gaurav was her husband and would take her in a few days.

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