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Amid Covid crisis, PM’s rating higher than UPA CMs with RaGa in negative

Amid Covid crisis, PM's rating higher than UPA CMs with RaGa in negative

New Delhi: The Congress has been vocal in criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the overall handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and the administrative response on the migrant workers’ crisis during the lockdown, yet the PM scores higher on satisfaction ratings of the CMs’ of UPA-ruled states, and also CMs’ on non-NDA/non-UPA-ruled states.

According to an IANS CVoter State of the Nation poll, the PM’s nett satisfaction ranking at 65.69 is better than the cumulative ranking, at satisfaction rating of 57.36, of all the chief ministers of the UPA-ruled states.

Strikingly, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, who is spearheading the attack on the PM and pointing out gaps in Centre’s response on the Covid-19 pandemic, has a negative satisfaction rating in three states — Maharashtra, Jharkhand and Punjab. The overall rating of Gandhi is merely 0.58 in the UPA ruled states.

In the Modi vs Gandhi scenario, in the UPA-ruled states, the PM has the nett satisfaction rating of 42.99, where in Chhattisgarh the satisfaction ranking is 84.54.

Gandhi’s overall satisfaction rating in comparison with CM’s of UPA ruled states is -56.78, and the least satisfaction for Gandhi is in Chhattisgarh, where it is -75.65.

In PM-Gandhi comparison, the former has the nett satisfaction rating of 65.11 in the UPA ruled states. In four UPA ruled states — Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Punjab — in the PM-Gandhi comparison, the nett satisfaction rating of the PM, on an average, is above 80.

PM Modi has the highest satisfaction rating of 92.73 in Chhattisgarh whereas the state’s chief ministers has rating 81.06 and Gandhi’s rating 5.41.

According to the poll, the Punjab chief minister has the lowest satisfaction rating 27.51, and the PM has the satisfaction rating of 68.84 in this state.

In the PM-CM comparison, the former has overall nett satisfaction rating of 8.3 but this indicator is specifically negative in Maharashtra is -5.04. Moreover, Maharashtra is the only state where the satisfaction rating of the CM, at 76.52, is higher than the PM, which is 71.48.

In the non-NDA/non-UPA ruled states, the PM has nett satisfaction rating of 65.69, where the all the CMs have a cumulative satisfaction rating of 57.36. Gandhi’s satisfaction rating is again negative, -56.78, in comparison with CMs.

The PM has highest satisfaction rating Orissa, 95.6, followed by Andhra Pradesh, 83.6, and the least in Kerala, 32.9. According to the poll, PM’s satisfaction rating in West Bengal is 64.06, which is more than the satisfaction rating of CM of West Bengal, 52.06, who is also his vocal critic.

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