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Andonlanjeevi making farmers’ protest unholy: Modi in Parliament

Modi in Parliament

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday spoke on the President’s address to the Lok Sabha amidst the ongoing struggle from the road to Parliament to protest against the new agricultural laws. In his address, Modi attacked the opposition, especially the Congress. The companions appealed to the countrymen to differentiate between “agitators” and “agitators”. The Prime Minister also enumerated the benefits of new agricultural laws. He said that in 21st Century thinking we cannot go with the thinking of 18th Century. At present, it is necessary to modernise agriculture. According to the market, efforts will have to be made for the agricultural sector.

The Prime Minister said that the agricultural law is voluntary and not binding. “I consider the farmers’ movement as sacred,” he said.

“The movement has importance in India’s democracy, but when the agitators come out to pollute the holy movement for their own benefit, then the nation saw what happens? I want to ask why the movement is demanding the release of terrorists and Naxalites. Agitators pollute the movement,” the Prime Minister said.

He said, “The andolanjeevis have done the work to ruin the holy movement of farmers. Taking photos of the rioters, communalists, terrorists who are in jail, demanding their release, this is to defile the farmers’ movement. Why hate those who say the right thing.”

Prime Minister Modi said that there is no harm in saying the right thing. But there is a large section in the country whose people hate those who say the right thing. They believe in just speaking things. They do not believe in doing good. Understand the difference between “andolankari” and “andolanjeevi”.

The Prime Minister said that sabotage stigmatizes the movement. Telecom towers are being demolished in Punjab. After all, what is the relation of the peasants’ movement to break these towers? The country has to understand the difference.

Taking a dig at the opposition, Modi said, there is an old saying “Khelab na khele deib, khelay bagadab”. This is what is going on today to stop the wheel of progress. The opposition is working on this mantra.
Modi said that the private sector is also necessary for the growth. Everyone has a collective contribution in increasing the country’s strength. When all the countrymen sweat, then the country moves forward. If public sector is necessary for the country, then contribution of the private sector is also necessary. Today, the country is working for humanity, so the private sector is also a big contributor.

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