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Auto Sector: Sales of vehicles could not be maintain in Delhi in December

The way in which sales of cars and scooters increased in November after the lockout could not be sustained in December. The July and August figures were not reached either. Not only that, but last December’s sales figures were not reached. Experts are also looking at this by connecting it to the Delhi economy. He says that because of Corona, the middle and lower classes have been severely affected. It has an impact on the market, it can also be seen in the sale of vehicles. Registration of new trains in Delhi and July was better than May, June. And in recent months, sales of two-wheelers have been higher than the car itself.

At the same time, the registration of commercial trains was very low. Speaking of the difference, sales of two-wheelers and cars in July and August could not be sustained in September and October. In recent months, these sales have fallen even less. Vehicle sales rose slightly in October compared to September, but figures for July and August could not reach Delhi. A total of 29,786 vehicles were registered in October. This includes 8351 cars and 18856 two-wheelers, while 72358 vehicles were registered in October last year. Which included 16,810 cars and 49,455 two-wheelers.

A total of 257312 vehicles were registered in Delhi from 1 April to 31 December 2020, while 477654 vehicles were registered in the same period in 2019. As a result, a total of 220342 vehicles were registered so far this year compared to the previous year. Also in December, 4582 vehicles were registered less than last year.

Data from April to December

1957 were registered in April.
In May, 9074 vehicles were registered.
In June, 23,940 vehicles were registered.
In July, there were a total of 37,942 registrations.
In August, 37,876 vehicles were registered.
In September there were 22,232 registrations.
A total of 29,786 vehicles were registered in October.
A total of 60,273 vehicles were registered in November.
A total of 34,232 vehicles were registered in December.

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