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Bihar Government Formation: Nitish Sarkar’s focus this time on youth and women schemes

Patna : In the new term of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, which is resuming from today, his priority will be youth employment and women entrepreneurship in particular. The Chief Minister, under the seven definitions-2, had said on the day of the election announcement that if he comes back again, he will give priority to what kind of work. During the election campaign, he continued to discuss the schemes run under seven Nishtha and the programs taken under Seven Nishtha-2.

In the last tenure under the seven decisions, the Chief Minister had made self-help allowance for the youth, computer education, communication and behavioral skills of the youth. The Chief Minister says that all these programs will continue. Apart from this, now the government will focus on getting better technical training to the youth. The training should be such that they can provide better employment opportunities. Youth become entrepreneurs themselves. Under this, work will proceed on the plan to open a mega skill center in every district. Training in solar, drone technology, optical fiber and networking, transformer manufacturing and IT etc. will be arranged for students studying in ITI and polytechnics. Efforts should be made to arrange training for the youth in the trade which is in high demand in the market so that they get employment.

Mega skill center in every district and tool room in the division

For the youth, who are neither studying in an ITI nor enrolled in a polytechnic institute and want to take any skill related training, a mega skill center will be opened in every district for them. The Mega Skill Center will be imparted short-term training for work such as apple making, refrigerator, air conditioner, solar panel mechanic, beauty and wellness training, care givers for elderly and patients. There is a lot of employment in these areas. In addition to the Mega Skill Center, the government will open a tool room for the youth in every division. There will be long-term training for youth in tenth and twelfth pass so that they can get employment.

Loan for business and enterprise at seven percent interest

For the people, the government will not only arrange for high-level training, but will also help them financially to establish an industry or start their own business. For this, 50 percent of the project cost will be given as grant, which will be up to a maximum of three lakh rupees. Seven percent interest subsidy will be given on loans up to seven lakh rupees.

Special focus on women entrepreneurship, interest free loan up to five lakhs

In the new term of Tish Kumar, there will be a special focus on women entrepreneurship. Many special schemes and programs will be started under this. The women will be given 50 percent of the project cost in their venture, which will be a maximum of Rs 5 lakh. Interest free loan up to a maximum of five lakh rupees will be given.

25 if a woman interferes, 50 thousand on doing BA

In order to encourage women in the field of higher education, financial assistance of Rs. 25 thousand will be given to the girls who pass the inter and 50 thousand rupees for passing the graduation. In the regional administration, participation of women will be ensured according to reservation. The participation of women in police stations, blocks, subdivisions and district level offices will be decided specifically.

Irrigation water up to every farm is also on the agenda

It is also of special importance in the agenda of the new government that irrigation water will reach every farm. Nitish Kumar had said a lot on this subject in his election meetings.

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