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Chicken missing from restaurant menu due to bird flu, stock runs out

Of course, not a single case of bird flu has been confirmed in the capital, but its effect is being seen in the markets. This is the reason why the chicken dish has disappeared from the menu of all restaurants in Delhi. Instead, the emphasis is on mutton and other items.

Mohammad Salim, a restaurant operator at Jama Masjid, said that the restaurant’s menu has also changed because of the ban on bringing birds to Delhi. He said that the earlier chicken stock in the restaurant was gone. Now chicken is not available in the markets.

Due to this the menu has also been changed. Salim said that instead of chicken items, the emphasis is being placed on mutton items. At the same time, customers are also asking for mutton items by themselves. In such a situation, there is a fear of bird flu among customers.

Akram, the operator of a famous non-vegetarian hotel in Jama Masjid, said that he had only one day’s stock of chicken. Because of this, Sunday work has gone. Now the menu will be changed from Monday. Already, the restaurant has chicken, mutton, and veg items. Most of these people liked chicken items, but nowadays people are liking mutton items by themselves.

At the same time, now only mutton and veg items will be served by changing the menu due to the depletion of the stock. He said that about 15 items are made from chicken. This includes Chicken Korma, Chicken Kadhi, Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, Malai Chicken, Chicken Lolly Pop, and Afghani Chicken.

Chicken stock out in new Delhi markets
The chicken stock at the American Meat Shop in New Delhi is out. Guna Market-based shopkeeper Junaid said that after the ban, there is not a single chicken in his shop. Because of this, many customers are returning from the last two days. He said that chicken is sold more than other meats, but given bird flu, it has sold up to Rs 150 a kg, and now its stock is completely depleted.

More demand for mutton and fish
Mohammad Osman, a shopkeeper based at Gol Market, said that in the wake of bird flu sales of chicken have decreased, mutton and fish sales have increased. He said that due to this the price of mutton has also increased. Now mutton is being sold at Rs 600 per kg. At the same time, the price of fish ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 1,000 per kg. People are also paying attention to mutton and fish.

Mutton and fish prices will increase in the coming days
Shastri Park-based shopkeeper Mohammad Faiz said that the way the situation is. Given this, the price of mutton and fish is also going to increase in the coming days. Because now sales of mutton and fish will increase instead of chicken sales. Due to this, their prices can also be increased from Rs 50 to 100 in the coming days. Due to this, people who are fond of non-vegetarian dishes will also have a burden on their pockets.

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