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Corona’s first patient cures in India, know how her experience was

These days, one thing has upset people all over the world and we all know it as Corona. The way this problem increased in the middle of the people and then came to dominate them, it was a matter of concern in itself. So far, a total of 34 corona cases have been reported in India, one of which was Archana, a girl from Thrissur in Kerala. Archana was in the Wuhan city of China and then the corona spread there.

As soon as Archana came to know about this, she immediately took a flight to India and despite the expensive price, after which she returned to India immediately. After coming to India, he did not know anything till then, but after a few days, the cough and cold and breathing problem started.

Archana went and got her medical check up done.

At that time, he got corona positive, then all the nervous mother started crying loudly, but the doctors tied her up and said that they will fix her. She was kept in the isolation ward where she used to stay closed and the treatment would go on. During this period, Archana’s health deteriorated and as if it was ever healing, the disease resistance inside was constantly trying to fight. Eventually Archana slowly started to recover and during this time she tells that she also ate Biryani fiercely as she also loved it.

Archana is now fully recovered and has got her leave to go home for the last two to three days, but still Archana has been advised to stay at home and not get into too much contact of people. It will take a few months for it to be completely like before. Thousands of stories like Archana are all over the world and people are getting healthy. There is no specific vaccine yet, but those who have strong immune system from within are getting rid of it.

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