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Delhi: 22 lakh people will use free Wi-Fi facility all the time

The Delhi government is going to provide free Wi-Fi facilities to the people before the assembly elections. On December 16, 100 hot spots will start functioning in different areas of Delhi. After this, five to five hundred hot spots will be installed every week.
Within six months, the work of installing about 11 thousand hot spots in the entire Delhi will be completed. After this, about 22 lakh users will be able to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi facility at a time.

Giving this information, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the tender process has been completed. From December 16, people of Delhi will start getting free Wi-Fi facilities. It is being launched with 100 hot spots.

After this, about four thousand hot spots will be installed at the bus stop. While the remaining 7000 will be planted in different areas. Each assembly will have 100 hot spots. The facility of running Wi-Fi from the hot spot will be available to people within a radius of 50 meters. Up to 200 people will be able to run the net from one hot spot at a time. This will average speeds between 100–150 Mbps.

According to Kejriwal, every user will get 15 GB of data in a month and 1.5 GB of data daily. The plan will apply to the rental model. It will cost the government 100 crore rupees every year.

Kejriwal said that the first phase is now. The scheme will be further expanded based on the experience gained from 11,000 hot spots. Kejriwal said that with Wi-Fi facilities, Aam Aadmi Party has become the first party in the country to fulfill all its election promises. Earlier on 8 August, the Delhi Cabinet approved the proposal to introduce free Wi-Fi facility. After this, it took about four months to complete the tendering process.

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